• Seven Modern Technologies That Streamline Engineering Efforts

    | Updated on August 23, 2023

    Technological innovation is the backbone of civilization. Some years ago, people used to talk about “flying cars” as a joke, but now, it does not seem that impossible. During the lockdown when Covid 19 ravaged the world, some people thought and thought and came up with inventions that were next level that would change the engineering field altogether.

    Engineering is a field characterized by the advancement of innovations every day. It’s constantly improving and doing something new. It’s constantly adapting itself to the demands of the new and changing world. There are always trends coming and going in this field, so engineers need to keep themselves updated if they truly want to create an impact in this line of work. And for that, people are relying much on ClearCalcs, a software that helps to streamline calculations resulting in improved work efficiency.

    Here, we are going to look at seven modern technologies and how they streamline engineering efforts:

    Generative Design

    This will change the manufacturing industry and take it to the next level. So, what is generative design? Generative design narrows down the work of an engineer. It takes a design and allows us to look at every possible version and type. All the engineer has to do is specify a set of constraints and parameters for that design. This is a game-changer for engineers as it allows you to make an end number of designs, and make changes as per your convenience on the one that suits your requirements.

    Robotic Process

    Since we talked about Covid 19, we know that the lockdown forced us to work from home. But the demand hasn’t reduced. So, this has led to advancement in RPA technology. Robotic process automation is rapidly helping businesses grow, and as the RPA’s AI algorithm evolves gradually, these bots can effectively handle finding patterns in an IT system. Therefore, the company can grow faster and use these advanced technologies more.

    Edge Computing

    As businesses continue to grow, they are responsible for handling more and more data. For this, a radical shift from cloud computing to edge computing is deemed necessary. The pros of edge computing are that the data is stored at a distance from the centralized cloud servers. Edge computing also reduces data transfer, increases the possibility of offline data processing, and facilities quicker decision-making. It also saves storage and deals with bandwidth issues.

    Blockchain Technology

    Anyone who knows about cryptocurrency and has invested in it will know about this technology. But it’s not only limited to crypto alone. It’s starting to become a vital part of business technology gradually. Blockchain technology eliminates or at least reduces risks in matters of financial transactions. It also makes the manufacturing transparent. Big companies also adopt blockchain As a Service or BaaS like Amazon and IBM to better their performance.

    Improved Cyber Security

    Though cyber security has been around for quite some time, it always has room to evolve because cyber threats are always present. Moreover, cybercriminals are constantly evolving, finding vulnerabilities and weak spots in a system and invading it. One such area of concern is automobile hacking. Automobiles which are software connected for drivers to experience a smooth and safe journey can be very easily hacked. It can put the drivers and passengers at immense risk too. So improved cyber security is a must need.

    Site Inspection (Virtual)

    The trend of virtual site inspection is slowly rising, especially in the civil engineering industry. As the Covid 19 outbreak forced us all to stay indoors and reduce contact, these virtual site inspections became very important in looking over projects and ensuring that they were being carried out correctly.


    Drones are not a very new thing in the industry, but new and improved uses of drones are being found. For example, AI droned are of big help to farmers to look over their crops when the farmer is not present. AI drones use thermal imaging technology. Also, it can be of great help for civil engineers in inspecting the progress on site.

    Final Thoughts

    So, we have come to the end of this blog. Technological innovation is bound to make some significant changes in engineering and other sectors. So, be on the lookout and keep yourself updated!

    Janvi Panthri
    Senior Writer, Editor
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