• What is a Support Ticket and Support Ticket System?

    | Updated on June 28, 2022

    The surge of daily online buyers has increased since 1979. Technology has made it possible to generate over 63% of shopping and business-to-buyer transactions on the internet. Now that there is a continuous increase in customer accounts purchasing products and subscribing to services through digital portals, one can only imagine how much more complicated and stressful managing support tickets has become.

    The question now is this: How prepared are you ready to deal with them?

    Keeping track of concerns and serving your customers are two different aspects of your business. To balance that, you need a support ticket system to aid you in managing each transaction and concern.


    It is the backbone of an organized front of answering queries, ensuring that no inquisition is repeated and no concern is left unchecked. It protects you from brand issues and possible deformation due to mishandled queries. 

    But what is a support ticket exactly?

    Watch Your Interaction: The Story of Support Tickets

    The premise of a customer ticket was first introduced in 1989. Ron Muns built the Help Desk Institute to troubleshoot concerns and give guidance about a company’s products for its agents. From there, it evolved from a tool for agents into an added resource to assist customers better. The bottom line is that a ticket is proof of the interaction between the customer support agent and the client.

    It tracks if the inquiry was answered, if it was repeated by another client, or if it bears similarities with another concern from a different customer. The software maintains organization, records interactions, and becomes the basis of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) portion of your website.

    To understand more about its role in your customer support service, you must understand what is in a support ticket system. Below are the key features that enable you to comprehend why you need them.

    1. Quick Concern Resolution

    You have to understand that your customer population is diverse. Some are patient and some impatient—with the latter being those who would burst your email or phone lines with aggressive tones and go as far as to use derogatory language. You can avoid that by giving the customer a ticket as proof of acknowledgment. When you are ready to accommodate the ticket, you can conduct a simultaneous search for the ticket to answer the concern. After all, the setup of the quick search is typically chronologically arranged for ease of access to your agents.

    2. Help-Your-Self Help Desk

    Your CS agents also need rest from time to time. They may not be online at all times to answer your customer’s concerns. Fortunately, the Help desk software for support ticket systems aids in the formulation of FAQs. While waiting for your agent’s reply, clients could check your collected database of common issues through FAQs, or reference a coalition of articles since your representatives are busy. After all, your previous tickets aided in the creation of your compiled archive and can therefore be useful in giving more convenience to your shoppers.

    3. Centralized Control Over Tickets: Omnichannel Approach

    Have you ever had clients contact you through different channels, but their message is essentially the same? A support ticket system aids in the deletion of copies or duplicated messages. In a way, they merge both messages and send the customer a message that informs them that their concern is already being answered in the other ticket. It boils down to an omnichannel approach that allows customers to contact you from any platform they are on. Whether they reach out via chat, call, or email, inquiries are answered and fully accommodated. In response, the flexibility pushes your brand to greater heights because of excellent customer reviews.

    4. Thorough Analysis and Reporting

    Tickets are one of your bases for customer support. The data collected from them become detailed reports that are then analyzed and become the foundation for improved client assistance tools. 

    The report may include:

    • Filtering Options for Customers
    • Handling Time per Customer
    • Platform/Channel of Communication Used
    • Handling Escalations
    • Customer Reports

    Gaining knowledge of these categories paves the way to the productivity and efficacy of your CS team now and in the future. 

    5. Multilingual Features

    For businesses that operate globally, you are catering to a diverse market from different parts of the world. When giving tickets to these people, you need to use their preferred language for better escalation and resolution of inquiries. When the connection between you and your customers is strong, you gain better access to leads and word-of-mouth marketing.

    6. Automated Option

    For quicker distribution of tickets, you can employ AI-powered software to give each customer a ticket. The ticket will provide an identity and urgency to their concern and direct it to agents who are free to handle new queries. This makes finding the ticket faster. Creating the report also becomes classified and more seamless since you can now store it in quick search software. 

    Simply type in the numbers and your reps will answer the question.

    7. Collaboration: A Strong Escalation Scheme

    Lastly, your interactive ticketing customer service will not only interact externally with FAQs for customers but will work together internally as well. Support representatives get to collaborate among themselves when escalation is needed especially if an agent is facing difficulties while resolving a concern. When customers see how fast their questions are resolved, they are keener on transacting with you as a business. They are likely to prefer your services over other companies with similar goods.

    Bottom Line: Establish a GOOD Support Ticket System

    Businesses everywhere need organization and a keen understanding of customer concerns. Now that you have a better comprehension of the service ticket meaning, establish one. Clients trust you better when you give them what they want and answer them cordially. Having a great customer support ticket system aids in this and potentially leaves a positive influence over other aspects of sustaining your business.

    An impeccable business ensures the best for its clients at all times and on all platforms. Create the best CS system with support tickets!

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