Once you are done with high school, choosing a field to further your studies is a debilitating task. Students and parents often stay confused as to what may help the child create a thriving career. Most often, students and parents decide on a field based on the interests of the child. For example, if the child loves studying human behavior, they would choose a psychology field. Likewise, if a child wants to become an entrepreneur, most people advise selecting a business degree. But that is entirely not true. You can also succeed in business with a major in liberal arts. 

What Is Liberal Arts?

To fully understand how liberal arts aids in entrepreneurial success, we should first know what the subject comprises. A degree in liberal arts would most often revolve around four courses. These include the social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and humanities. Suppose we delve into the topics in more detail. In that case, these include chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, sociology, psychology, political science, history, literature, linguistics, philosophy, and logic. 

Most students that opt for an economic or psychology major are the ones who have taken liberal art as a subject for graduation. Unlike the more technical fields such as engineering and medicine, liberal arts students study various subjects. As a result, they experience expansion in their mental horizons. They are well-equipped to deal with the world instead of an individual who learns only a specialized field. Today, several institutes offer liberal studies online degree programs that entrepreneurs can take up even while managing a business. On the other hand, if you are a full-time student, you can consider getting enrolled into a liberal studies on-campus degree program. 

But if you are still confused, let us look into how this degree can turn you into a successful entrepreneur.

How Does Liberal Arts Guarantee Entrepreneurial Success?

We know it seems far-fetched as of now, but we ask you to hear us out. Once you read these reasons why we believe liberal arts is an excellent degree for entrepreneurial success, you will get convinced as well! 

1. It Is an Interdisciplinary Curriculum:

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy role. When managing a business, you need to have a detailed understanding of a variety of subjects. Knowing one specific field may land you a fruitful job, but it is quite different with business. Managing an organization requires the owners to think from several different perspectives. And having a degree in liberal arts trains you in this regard. Since it is an interdisciplinary field, it prepares individuals to view situations from a different viewpoint. And this is an ideal trait to have when you are an entrepreneur. 

2. It Fosters Soft Skills:

One other trait that is essential to develop when running a business is astounding soft skills. These skills are a combination of communication skills, social skills, people skills, and emotional intelligence. Let us consider the usage of communication skills. When you are an entrepreneur, you need to deal with several different stakeholders. And that too for long-term strategy and planning. For example, you may have to interact with banks to convince them to grant you a loan or meet investors and strike deals. Communication is a critical factor in such arrangements, which is why it is one skill that entrepreneurs must always possess! 

Moreover, a business comprises people. Your employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, and management executives are people you need to manage and carry forward as a team. Without the right people skills, you cannot pretty much survive as a business leader. When you have to address concerns, give solutions, convince people to agree to your terms. These are all possible only if you know the right tactics to deal with people. 

A degree in liberal arts gives you this, a lot of soft skills imperative to run a business. It trains you to think creatively, solve problems, work as a team, be flexible. And this is why a liberal arts degree is a perfect fit if you wish to have a successful business. 

You Can Always Add-On A Business Degree:

The common misconception is that you cannot get into a business school once you get a degree in liberal arts. Over time, business schools have altered the criteria. You can graduate with a liberal arts degree and later choose a master’s in the business degree to complete your post-graduation. You gain a broad understanding of different subjects through liberal arts. In contrast, you gain sound business knowledge through a master’s degree. If you wish to become a successful entrepreneur, studying both the liberal arts and business subjects is a perfect mix for you. 


Over the years, the educational system and the way people view certain degrees have massively altered. There is a gradual shift towards subjects that offer students a more well-rounded knowledge and understanding. When graduates step out into the practical world, it is essential to have a more thorough understanding of each field along with specialized expertise. However, the best is to have a combination of both. An individual can easily succeed in business with a liberal arts degree. However, following it up with a business degree can open doors for some great business success opportunities.