Find Them for Sale at Your Local Car Audio Store

Late 80s musical group L’Trimm had it right: people love the cars that go boom. This is just as true today as was two decades ago! Join the ranks of the best-equipped audiophiles by choosing subwoofers that get your bass booming without rattling your car’s windows and doors. These are the top seven recommended subwoofers for sale that will improve your car stereo system immediately.

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch Subwoofer

This 12-inch enclosed subwoofer is equipped with all the quality you can expect from a major brand. Rockford Fosgate gives you the optimal performance of the built-in woofer and is powered by a 300-watt amplifier. With its 600 watts of peak power, expect high performance from this fairly petite sub (it’s 15 inches by 19.8 inches by 7 inches).

The 12 Punch features a 12 decibel/octave low pass crossover, adjustable bass equalizer, a 0-degree/180-degree phase switch, and remote bass level control. To get it working, you only need to run power, ground, and a signal — easy as that.

Alpine SWR-12DR Type-Rz Subwoofer

Unlike the Rockford Fosgate, as mentioned earlier, the Alpine subwoofer is bare and will require a custom-built enclosure. If you love bass, this is probably the best subwoofer for you. With peak power up to 3,000 watts and sensitivity to 84.7 decibels, expect power handling from 300 to 1,000 watts of RMS power.

This Alpine subwoofer’s mount depth is 6⅜ inches, with a cut-out diameter of 10⅞ inches. Though it is small, it packs a punch.

Kicker 46CWTB82 8” TB-Series Subwoofer

This tube-shaped subwoofer really helps enhance the bass output. The plastic enclosure allows the subwoofer to stand vertically or lay horizontally. Loaded in one end is the Kicker CompR-series-2Ohm subwoofer, with the passive radiator in the other.

This subwoofer needs about 300 watts of continuous power to perform at its best. As a bonus, the enclosure is fully weatherproof with protective grilles on either side to guard it against damage. Its tube is 8½ inches wide by 8⅝ inches high if laid horizontally, or 13 7/16 inches tall by 12⅞ inches deep if standing vertically.

Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 Subwoofer

This 10-inch shallow mount subwoofer from Pioneer has a frequency range from 20 to 125 kHz, and it’s pretty powerful considering its top-mount depth is a mere 3⅛ inches. It will require a custom enclosure.

This Pioneer subwoofer uses a mica-injected resin cone structure to provide greater cone and gasket surface for what has been described as “quaking” bass. Its affordable pricing can help you complete your car stereo system and give you a heavy sound on a budget, without sacrificing sound quality.

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Subwoofer

Another itty bitty woofer that produces big results, this Kenwood model offers a decent bass sound with seriously sleek and versatile good looks. It comes in its enclosure and is powered with its own built-in amplifier.

This all-in-one system will fit under car seats or other similar tight spaces and runs at 75 watts RMS power, with a maximum of 150 watts, with remote bass level control. In terms of installation, this compact subwoofer is one of the easiest; just connect it to your car battery, grounding, and head unit. This is the perfect subwoofer for anyone looking for a little extra bass boost on a budget, but who still wants the quality only Kenwood can provide.

JL Audio CS110LG-TW1-2 TW-1 Series Subwoofer

With its compact enclosure, this space-saving 10-inch subwoofer requires continuous power handling of 300 watts. At just 15 inches by 11¾ inches by 5½ inches, it takes up almost no space in your car but improves the bass sound quality by quite a lot for its size with its nominal impedance of 2 ohms.

The enclosure is solidly made of MDF and is finished with a steel mesh grille to protect your subwoofer from any objects or debris inside your vehicle. It is a sturdy, affordable subwoofer for those running low on space.

Kicker 41L7154 Q-Class L7 Subwoofer

This kicker subwoofer that comes with dual 4-Ohm voice coils is a beast, and you will be happy with the decision of purchasing this one. Because it’s a square-shaped subwoofer, it has more cone area, which translates to more bass response. A sealed or vented enclosure is best for this one, thanks to its unique Uniplate technology that keeps the subwoofer cool. We recommend professional car stereo installation in San Diego for subwoofers of this quality and power.

The Kicker subwoofer has 1,200-watt power and will blast the bass without distortion at any volume. The price isn’t super low, but it isn’t wildly outrageous, either, making this a smart purchase for the sound quality it puts out. In fact, if your goal is to become worthy of that L’Trimm song re-popularized on TikTok, you have to choose the Kicker.