Everyone has heard about the American Dream. The United States of America is the country where everything is possible. Success is easy to attain because it does not matter where you are from, your financial capabilities, or your race. Many people are going to America to accomplish their dreams of becoming successful because this country has the reputation of creating the environment to make it possible for anyone. But you need hard work, motivation, perseverance, and tolerance. Youngsters are the ones that are after the American Dream, after accomplishing their goals, after becoming successful. But is the American Dream defined the same as it was years ago? We have seen a lot of people going to the US to accomplish their dreams, but are they the same? Find out below. 

Students on Achieving American Dream

The American Dream Has Changed

Because society is constantly changing, so did the American Dream. Some so many people want to live it that the United States of America has experienced a high income of people who are willing to accomplish it. America is the land of opportunities. It is the land where everyone can work towards building a better future, one full of opportunities. You can begin with nothing and end up with something, and this is the thought and reality that encourages many people to pursue it. However, overcoming poverty is one of the biggest challenges people have to face when they move to America. Yes, you can accomplish your American Dream, but considering the latest global events, this might be more challenging than ever. The global pandemic, such as any other event in history, has shaped the American Dream and the country as well. You can read essay examples on significant events in human history that changed and built the United States as we know them today. While in the 1950s the American Dream was to have a happy family and a house to live in, now this has changed. Those who want to accomplish it want to have everything: a successful business, a happy family, a car, a house, and of course, enough money to live in this country. 

But what do students think about achieving the American Dream?

The US Is the Land for a Better Life 

Some so many students are American citizens but were born from immigrant parents. This is because a long time ago, everyone dreamed about going to America. There are so many inspiring stories that could fuel anyone with the motivation they need to achieve their American Dream. Their parents ran away from the political regime in their countries and traveled to America, a democratic and tolerant country where everything is possible. 

Some people landed in America just with a suitcase and a dream of achieving a better life. And even though the beginning was difficult, as it is every single time, they managed to succeed and give their children a better life. There are victims of the Holocaust, people who ran away from communism, people that wanted to escape the poverty of their country. In general, people wanted more from their lives. People that dreamed about their children not having to go through what they went through. Writing about the American Dream is a popular topic both in high schools and colleges. At the same time, it is interesting to see the perspective of every student on this concept that has made the US even more popular and the land for a better life. If you need useful materials for your American Dream essay writing, make sure you do thorough research. 

But the American Dream Is Not So Easy Achievable 

Many things had an influence on the development of the American Dream, such as books, politics, music, climate changes, and so on. But students nowadays do not think that the American Dream is so easy to be achieved. The US is marked by an era of intolerance, racism, of violence. The costs of living are higher than ever before, and you need a lot of determination and perseverance to constantly fight the danger of ending poverty. Even though America seems to be a utopian country from the outside, when you start living there and being aware of how everything is functioning, perspectives change. Moreover, many students think that the younger generations do not have the same motivation, inspiration, and determination to succeed in a tough world and keep working. Racism and intolerance have hit incredibly high rates. As a woman, as an African-American, as an Asian, it may be more difficult to achieve the American Dream. 

Don’t Focus on Possessions 

One of the most important things students have highlighted about the American Dream is that it encourages people to focus on possessions. Having a house, a car, a private plane, and many other possessions will not come with happiness. Nowadays, students think that it is more important to be safe and have a good health state. In a country where the police are abusive, where people are race intolerant, where violence has hit alarming rates, the American Dream is now about safety and health. 


The American Dream has changed over the last decades because society did this as well. How the US is evolving, the internal policy, the events that take place, are re-shaping the American Dream. If a few years ago many people ran to America for the promise of a better life, nowadays students see the American Dream as being safe, secure, and healthy. Inspiration, motivation, perseverance, and hard work are the abilities that have made achieving the American Dream possible. And they will contribute to the present too.