There are various modules of digital marketing out of which PPC marketing is one of the most preferred and complicated ones. It is certainly one of the best advertising methods to generate paid targeted traffic to a certain website or application.  

Over the past few years, a lot of Pay-Per-Click agencies like PPC agency have been establishing themselves more, as the PPC sector of digital marketing is growing in demand due to its rising popularity. If you have been running a PPC campaign and are not seeing good results, then these 7 strategies that we will be discussing below will help you out to improve the campaigns and make them effective.  

7 Effective Tips to Improve PPC Campaign  


  1. The Right Choice  
  2. The first thing you need to do is keyword research for your product. You can use tools like Ahref and kwfinder to get an idea of the search volume and CTR, however, no tools will show you the accurate data, there is some difference in every other tool. Make sure you choose the keywords that have high CTR and a good number of searches, Ahref shows you the CTR and the search volume of keywords, you can use it to find out the competition for the keyword.

    Another thing you need to keep in mind while selecting keywords is that do not run after high search volume, focus on the targeted keywords with good search volume and high CTR.  


  3. Keyword Quality Optimization
  4. PPC marketing revolves around the selection of good and targeted keywords, there is no need to add dozens of keywords in one campaign as this becomes the main reason why your PPC campaign is not giving you good results.   

    Make sure you choose the keywords that are relevant to your PPC campaign, for example, if you want to run a PPC campaign for a gaming mouse, you need to target keywords like “best gaming mouse in 2020, affordable gaming mouse in 2020” or something closer to this, if you start targeting keywords like “who invented the mouse, how many types of the mouse are there” chances of sales and success of the campaign drops significantly as you are going out of the lane.  

    To determine the quality of your keyword, make sure it is:  

    • Relevant to your ad copy  
    • Has a sufficient CTR  

    Now, the question arises, “How to improve the quality of your chosen keywords?”

    The first and foremost task to find out whether the chosen keywords are relevant to the ad copy that you have created and also check your ad copy making sure that it clears the search objective of your keyword.  

    Another thing you should do is to find out the total search volume of your selected keywords and the amounts of clicks they receive. Keywords that have a greater number of clicks are more likely to bring more traffic to your ad copy and help in increasing your conversion rate, eventually.  


  5. Get rid of the negativity  
  6. You need to get rid of the negative keywords that suck your ad budget and lower your CTR. Sometimes your ad can be shown in inappropriate searches, and if someone clicks it and makes no action, your ad budget gets wasted.   

    For instance, if you are dealing with a gaming mouse, but your ads are being shown for how to repair a mouse, RGB keyboard, mechanical keyboard, etc. You can make a list of these types of keywords and add them to the list of negative keywords so that your ad won’t show up when a user searches for that query.  


  7. A fabulous ad-copy  
  8. Selecting keywords and optimizing them isn’t going to help you to increase sales more than an effective ad-copy. One can gather a targeted audience but convincing them to purchase your product is an art and for that, you need to focus a lot on your advertisement copy.  

    It is quite hard to make it catchy as there is a limit of certain words and you need to talk about your unique selling point to the viewer and convince them to choose you over your competitor. You can get this done by professional copywriters who have experience in writing engaging ad copies and if that is not feasible to you, check out the copywriting guide by Backlinko.  


  9. Remarketing campaigns  
  10. Remarketing campaigns in simpler words are showing ads to those who have already seen it because why not? A customer who has visited your site for a while is more likely to make a purchase than a new visitor who is unaware of your site.

    Remarketing campaigns target the audience who has already visited your site, product page and has browsed a particular section of it. Every ad network has its own way of creating remarketing campaigns like Facebook has pixel which is installed on your website and it keeps a track of the users who have visited your site from Facebook.  


  11. Focus on mobile users   
  12. The number of mobile users has certainly increased a lot over the past few years as smartphones have become affordable and more people are getting an internet connection. Therefore, you cannot avoid mobile users while designing landing pages and creating campaigns. Create ad banners specifically for mobile devices and optimize your landing page for mobile users as well, take care of the site’s speed, lazy loading images, and other important stuff.   


  13. Similar & lookalike audience  
  14. If you want to reach out to people who are definitely interested in the niche of your product, you can use a lookalike audience in a Facebook ad campaign where the algorithm shows advertisements to those audiences who have similar interests to your existing followers and customers. Whereas in Google, you can select a similar audience that focuses on showing ads to those people who have similar interests like those who have visited and interacted with your site before. This helps in utilizing the ad campaign effectively and targeting the audience based on their interest.   


Wrapping Up  

PPC marketing is definitely the finest way to generate targeted traffic to your site and application. Over the years, a lot of things have changed in PPC marketing, in this article we have shared the 7 best tactics to improve your PPC campaign and make it more effective.