The toilet is one of the vital areas in our house. Most of the time, it tends to be cluttered with lots of stuff people place in there. From soaps, tissues, wipes, and many more, this will surely eat a lot of space in your toilet. If you have a small toilet space, then this could be a dilemma.

Most of us want our home to be clutter-free, and that includes our toilet. It also needs to be cleaned most of the time to avoid contaminations later on when not correctly clean and disinfected. With this space saver’s help over the toilet storage racks, it will ensure you a clean and neat toilet.

1. Yaheetech Over The Toilet Rack

If you love a minimalist theme for your bathroom, this over the toilet cabinet is ideal. Its white color will surely match any theme for your bathroom space. You may store your tissues, towels, plants, and other toiletries without the hassle of going from one room to another and this way you can organize your bathroom in a better way.

It has three shelves that are very accessible and where you can check your items quickly. It is made from a sturdy material that can be used for a long time, and the legs are made from pine wood material that enables high stability. Its surface is water-resistant and will allow users to clean it easily.

2. Zenna Over The Toilet Storage Rack

This rack is lightweight yet sturdy made from wood and metal material. It also comes with three open shelves where you can store your toiletries easily. This can be installed in just minutes and is a very worthy purchase. It’s a combination of traditional and contemporary look that will match your bathroom theme.

3. Best Comfort Over The Toilet Storage Rack

If you opt for a rustic feel for your bathroom, this rack features a classic yet elegant look that will suit your taste. It is made of wood material and is highly functional. It also has cabinets that will secure your toiletries and any stuff you store in there from falling. This cabinet is water-resistant and rust-resistant with the use of NC paint.

4. Honey Can Do Metal Shelf

We commonly see the design of our bathrooms, but this bathroom shelf guarantees its quality. Compared to the wood material shelves, this one is perfect for our bathroom space because its metal rack will indeed prevent it from possible damages from any elements.

It features a 4 tier shelf where you can put necessary items in your bathroom. Whether it’s soap, lotions, tissues, and towels, those items will surely fit on the shelf. The simple design and sturdy material make this shelf stand. 

5. Tangkula Over The Toilet Rack

It has a distinct design compared to all bathroom shelves available in the market. The curve metal on top makes it different but will exceed your expectation. It will also allow you to store your plants, toiletries, and other stuff you need in the comfort room. It can hold up to 17 pounds in weight and can be easily installed.

6. SONGMICS Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

You may opt to mount this on the wall or as a standing rack. If you have smaller space in your toilet room, you may prefer to have it wall mounted to save space. The natural vibe of bamboo material will simply bring a refreshing aura. It has three sturdy shelves where you can store your necessities. 

7. Zenna Home Over The Toilet Shelf

This product has a classic design and comes with a huge space for your storing needs. It also features cabinets with tempered glass material for its windows to keep your bathroom organized and prevents the stuff from falling. The espresso color of the toilet shelf matches your rustic theme for your bathroom space.

8. ALLZONE 4 Tier Toilet Shelf

If you’re a fan of minimalist decor, then this one will surely match your taste. It features four shelves to put all your toilet stuff and can hold up to 22 pounds. This shelf is stand alone and no need for you to install it by drilling or any complex installation requirement. Thus, perfect for anyone. 

9. Spirich Home Over The Toilet Shelf

This white color toilet shelf comes in three storage spaces and has six compartments for additional storage. It also has transparent windows on its cabinets so you can check what’s inside it easily and can do some inventory from time to time. It has a classic look that will surely match your bathroom space.


Toilets are one of the most critical places in our home, and thus we should not neglect them. From its proper storage, up to its cleanliness should be everyone’s top priority. Choosing the right toilet racks or cabinets for your toilet room will be a great solution, especially if you have much stuff in there.