Most marketers spend hours and hours researching, doing paperwork, gathering emails, and marketing their business. But have you ever thought about an intelligent list of tools that can streamline all your processes?

Similarly, there are thousands of software and tools that make it easier to start a business. In this post, we have listed a set of helpful services that marketers can use at every stage of launching a business.

9 Smart Tools That Make Starting a Business Easier


Effective team communication is an integral part of any kind of business. As per Forbes, employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to perform best at their work.

Connecteam is a communication tool where you can check your employees and collaborate with your teammates quickly. It’s an easy-to-use, all-in-one employee app that provides multiple solutions to all your communication problems.

From handling employee communication, group discussions, scheduling in-person meetings to share checklists and forms—you can manage everything.

It enables you to track your employee’s work hours and allows them to enhance their professional skills through courses, quizzes, and web services. With everything just at the click of your hand, you can foster team collaboration and strengthen team spirit to generate more profit for your business ultimately.


When it comes to bringing in new customers for your business—email marketing is a powerful tool. According to Entrepreneur, 85% of companies use emails for lead generation, 77% for brand awareness, and 74% for retaining customers.

Mailchimp is an award-winning platform that combines ease, automation, and user-friendly features to enhance your business’s internal and external processes. It is a good email marketing tool that helps your company create, manage, and send thousands of emails to the recipients.

It offers ready-to-use email templates, marketing automation, personalized product recommendations, and even analyzes email results. In a nutshell, Mailchimp is packed with rich features that empower you to brand, sell online, and scale your business. 

Tailor Brands

Ask yourself what’s the first thing anyone notices when they see your social media handles or land on your website? The answer is your brand’s logo. 

Tailor Brands is one such logo maker tool that can effectively foster brand loyalty. It helps you create an eye-catching logo design that enables your business to make that perfect first impression. 

You can create your industry logo with your name in just a few minutes. Moreover, it lets you select the best DIY website builder template and gets your personalized branding kit.

Tailor Brands also includes logo designing for business cards, merchandised, branded social media posts, and downloadable style guides. This helps you to boost your visibility and stand out as a brand.


In this digital age, your business cannot survive with a good website builder tool. Yes, that’s true!

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a blog, an online store, promoting your portfolio, or starting a business; Wix has got your back in every form.

Wix has some of the finest features like site customization, accepting and adding online orders for your store, an optimized mobile version of your site. It includes over 500 design-made templates that give you the freedom of creativity. You can opt for video backgrounds, colorful images, scroll effects, and animations. 

Furthermore, you can manage, promote and grow your business online with its excellent SEO tools for better search results and more traffic.


Accounting software reduces half of your burden as a business owner. QuickBooks is a cloud software tool that helps you create, store, and send invoices from any device without any human intervention.

The principal task of QuickBooks is to take care of your payables, receivables, revenues, liabilities, and track sales. It also manages your employees’ payroll, salaries, bonuses, wages, and other compensations. The best part of using it is that it helps you report taxes and analyze previous budgets to improve your future budget sessions. 

Thus, it makes it easy for you to manage and pay bills, generate sales quotes, and get more happy customers. 


Money is oxygen. 

We all know this, but accepting payments and recording payouts are the core of running a business. As a result, intelligent tools like Stripe have become the number one choice due to their technology-first approach to manage costs and finance. 

This fastest-improving platform is the backbone for many internet businesses. It includes payment authorization, dispute handling, financial reporting, and pre-built integration for systems like Shopify and e-commerce platforms. Moreover, it’s an easy-to-implement tool and relatively inexpensive, making it the best fit for every kind of business. 


Once the tech side of your business is all set, it is advisable to look at the legal aspects too. Though this can be a big headache, it is crucial. LegalZoom acts as a savior for your business to help you avoid the hassles of visiting your lawyers time and again.

Starting a business in itself is a big deal. With LegalZoom, you can reduce the friction between your business formation and all the in-between processes. It’s a time-saving, credible tool that guides you through every legal process.


We all know ‘smart’ is the new slang in this digital age. But, even if you talk about smartphones or smart homes—they are the need of today’s consumers. And, social media falls under the same.

Buffer is a software application designed to manage businesses’ social media accounts. It provides a platform for a user to schedule posts for every social media handle. From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, it manages it all.

What makes Buffer unique is its ability to connect 25 different social media accounts, schedule 2000 posts per social media account, and automate everything while providing proper access to everyone in your team.

In a nutshell, Buffer makes it easier for your brand to share stories and engage with your audience on every platform.


Loyverse is Point of Sale and inventory management software that helps your business issue printed or electronic receipts, apply discounts, track inventory, and issue refunds with recording sales even when you’re offline.

It works on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablets. In simple terms, it provides the receipt to your customers in a way they prefer. It can be through print or email. In addition, Loyverse gives you a choice to create and edit orders and accept any mode of payment from your customers.

Loyverse comes with sales analytics, helping your business determine revenue, sales, profit, and even the best-selling items for a good customer experience.


Starting a business is a tiring yet encouraging task. It’s okay to assume that you have everything in place, but every day can be a new challenge as an entrepreneur.

So, it’s better to be prepared and reduce dependency or project delays. And the right tools are all that you will require. This won’t only make starting a business easier but also increase your team’s productivity manifolds.

Which tools have you deployed for a seamless business?