Packing is one of the most complicated tasks of the moving process. As the moving date creeps closer, the thought of packing the vast household items makes you sick to the core. Packing the multi-sized and multi-natured items in boxes cannot be the favorite task of anyone. Moreover, we have hundreds and thousands of things in our home and packing them seems to be like a never ending task.

So, what should you do to make the packing process easier? Well, the best moving companies working with iMoving share a few hacks to pack smartly and move. These companies emphasize that the key factors of a successful move are packing smartly, using a moving cost calculator and hiring the best moving company. Compiled in this post are the best packing hacks to make your packing process easy and successful:

Know the Right Moving Supplies and Collect Them

Having the right packing supplies is the first rule for successful packing. Packing boxes are the most important supplies you will need to start the process. Besides boxes, you will need bubble wrap, tape, plastic wrap, soft wrapping material, packing peanuts, newsprint, variety of cushioning material, labels, knives and scissors.

Try and Get Cheap or Free Moving Boxes

You will need a lot of moving boxes and when you buy them, they can be pretty expensive. An easy way is that you get cheap moving boxes or free moving boxes from a local retail/ grocery store or from someone in your circle who have moved recently.

Collect Moving Equipment

Besides collecting all the moving supplies, make sure you also have a few moving equipment such as moving dolly, carpet protectors, ropes and more.

Pack One Room at a Time

Whether your house is big or small, there is a lot to pack in every room. Experts state that instead of starting packing the entire home at once, it is best to pick one room at a time. To start with the process, make an inventory of the items in every room. This will help you make the packing process organized and keep track of the progress.

As you start packing your items, try and combine the items based on their functions. For example, pack bathroom supplies together, and similarly kitchen supplies in one pile.

Pack the Least Used Items First 

If you do not want your packing process to become a big deal, make sure you pack the least used items in the first phase. This includes seasonal supplies or items like books, tools and more. As the moving date comes closer, start packing the more used supplies like kitchen items, clothes, day to day needed items and more.

Label the Boxes

One thing you must not forget to do is labelling the boxes. The boxes that have fragile items must be labeled accordingly. Also, if there are any items that must be packed straight, you must label the box as “this side up”.

Besides labeling fragile items, also mark every box with the room name it belongs to. This way the movers will know which box goes to which room and the unloading process will be easier and organized.

General Packing Guidelines

Besides these hacks, there are some general guidelines which you need to follow. This will further make your packing process easier. So, here are some of them:

  • Get rid of the items that you no longer need. This will not only help you minimize the hassle of packing but also reduce the cost of moving. The lesser items you have in your inventory, the lesser time you need to pack and pay accordingly.
  • Pack similar items together. For example, you must pack kitchen supplies in one box and garage tools in another.
  • Work with cushioning and safeguard your belongings. Before you pack anything, make sure you make a good cushioning in the box. You can use bubble wrap, blankets, bedsheets and similar items for this purpose.
  • Pack a bag of essentials. This bag includes items that you will need on the first day/ night after the move Include items like a pair of clothing, bathroom supplies, some food items and a pair of bedding in it.
  • Do not fill the boxes to the brim. This will ensure that the items have enough space to move and the boxes aren’t too heavy to lift and move.

It is very important that you pack your items in the right manner to avoid any damage. The more time and efforts you invest in organizing the planning process, the better will be the results.  Moving to a new place is not easy. Every phase of the process needs due consideration, especially the moving process. Once you have done the packing effectively, you can proceed with the moving process much easily. The easier will be the packing process, the more you will enjoy the move. Once you are in the new town, make sure you kick start your new life and enjoy the new phase of your life.

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