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Small Home Office Inspiration for Work from Home Setup

Let’s face it, working from home comes with benefits you’ve never dreamed of, but sometimes you need small home office inspiration for a perfect home office redesign. 

If you’re one of the millions of people who got to telecommute due to the global pandemic, you understand the importance of having a dedicated workspace. Whether it’s a home office in the living room or a distraction-free corner of the guest bedroom, you’ll find the perfect home office ideas to turn your corner into a place you can enjoy. 

Let’s Get Minimalist

One of the most popular modern office design ideas for small spaces is to take it down a notch and get minimal. A home office space is supposed to be a distraction-free area to keep you focused, and there’s no better way than to remove the distractions in the first place! 

If you have a small space, consider putting in a butcher block desktop table and using a white color palette to make your home office look longer. 

Save Some Space

If you’re truly limited on space, consider a compact home office that you can install in your home office. Of course, you’d miss out on natural light unless your closet has a sunroof or windows, but it’s a creative way to utilize the space you have. 

Install a floating desk to the wall and slap on some hinges so it can fold up when it’s not in use. To make an additional room, you can also remove the door itself and use a simple curtain to separate your office from the rest of the room. 

Utilize the Awkward Corner

Every home or apartment, regardless of size, seems to all have one thing in common — an awkward corner. You know, it’s that corner that doesn’t seem to fit any of your decors neatly, so it’s just sitting there collecting dust. 

Finally, use that corner by installing a corner desk and corner shelves that neatly fit into the space. Give the space some new direction and use it for extra seating when you have guests.

Introduce Bond, James Bond to Your Office Space

If you’re looking for small office space ideas for him, then look no further. Transform your built-in bookshelf into an incognito workspace that even James Bond would be proud of. 

These small workspaces are functional, save space and can be tucked away when it’s family time. 

Small Home Office Inspiration

If you work from home and have minimal space to work with, don’t worry. Use some of these small home office inspiration tips to make your home office a place you stay at ease. 

In addition to using awkward corners, adopting a minimalist approach and going incognito, try using neutral colors and adding mirrors to make your small space feel much bigger. 

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