People usually have a question, whether slashed tires are included in auto insurance or not? One will get the answer after going through this article. Slashed tires are a result of tire slit. Though tire slit is not so common, it can still happen. That’s why one wants to know whether it is included in the auto insurance or not. Many states do not even need compulsory insurance, but to get safe from unnecessary financial burden, one should have auto insurance. If one wants the cover for slashed tires, then he should not go for liability insurance, as the liability insurance does not cover slashed tires. Even the minimum coverage that is compulsory for a driver by the state does not include cover for slashed tires. So, one would get cover for slashed tires neither under liability insurance nor under minimum insurance.

Usually, people ask, “does insurance cover slashed tires?” The answer to this is that if one wants to upgrade the policy and wants to add insurance for slashed tires in it, then he needs to talk to the company first. He should enquire whether they provide cover for slashed tires or not. The insurance covers include different items. Even in the tire section of the insurance, various kinds of damages are included. The insurance may cover insurance for damaged tires and may not cover for slashed tires. Even in the collision cover of insurance, there are certain covers such as an accident with other vehicles, pedestrians, and other things but usually do not include cover for slashed tires. It is because slashed tires are not a result of a collision.

The cover for slashed tires should be added in a comprehensive cover. It includes cover from all the natural disasters. One can get different covers added under the comprehensive cover, such as payout for a stolen vehicle or vandalized vehicle. The slashing of tires usually comes under the category of slashed tires. If one finds out that his vehicle’s tires have been slashed, then he should file a complaint to the police. The insurance company will provide the claim to the insured if the complaint has been made. Rarely any company provides any single cover alone. The companies provide collision and comprehensive cover together. 

Besides, one should make sure that the set of tires needs to be replaced altogether. Many professionals suggest that all tires should be replaced at once, and they should be rotated regularly. The tires are of a different kind, and hence there are different amounts added to the insurance cover because of the varying prices of tires. The amount added to insurance cover for tires would be dependent on the types of tires installed in the vehicle. It is usually suggested that one should get all the tires replaced in one go.

One should get quotes from different insurance providers so that one can get the best price for the insurance. The cover for tires adds up to the cost, but still, the user should see which company can provide the best offer to him.