• Unusual Skillets You Can Find in the Professional Kitchen: Types and Purpose

    | Updated on July 7, 2023
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    If you love delicious homemade food, then you probably know that it is almost impossible to cook it without good utensils. Therefore, the question of choosing kitchen equipment requires knowledge and understanding of all the nuances. In this article, we will share with you our rating of the most unusual skillets you can find in the professional kitchen. About the types of specialty skillets and their purpose – read below.

    Top 7 Unusual Skillets by Shape

    Oval Fish Pan

    An elongated oval fish pan allows you to cook medium-sized whole carcasses. They are rather convenient and practical. Thanks to the special shape of the walls, the fish warms up evenly without overdrying. This type of skillet is suitable for cooking a variety of Mediterranean dishes.


    A deep wok with beveled walls and handles came to us from Asia. The shape, resembling a pot, contributes to the even heating of food. This shape is ideal for roasting vegetables, noodles, and even cooking soups. A variety of Yosukata professional woks are used in the most expensive Chinese restaurants around the world.

    Escargot pan

    At first glance, an escargot pan has little in common with a regular frying pan. It resembles an unusually-shaped mold for cupcakes. It was originally invented in France for cooking escargot snails. But now its functionality is much wider: omelets, biscuits, portioned pastries, etc.

    Paella pan

    This is a large diameter frying pan with two handles. As the name implies, paella is cooked on it. But in general, it is suitable for any dish with cereals. Due to the low sides, it is convenient to mix food, and the relief bottom contributes to the mixing of flavors.


    This is a deep-frying pan with an elongated lid, borrowed from Africa. Due to a specific design, there are two simultaneous processes at once – even heating of food from the bottom and steam cooking. For those who love low-calorie food, this pan is almost ideal.


    This is a Georgian wide square frying pan with a press lid. This is suitable not only for the iconic Tapac chicken – any meat under pressure, vegetables, and other products taste delicious. 

    Figured pans

    At first glance, these are quite unusual pans made in the form of animal faces, cars, hearts, and so on. They are also sometimes called children’s pans. Very often there are special grooves on the bottom that imitate emoticons or complement the overall shape of the skillets. Fried eggs, omelets, or pancakes cooked in such dishes are an ideal way to feed even the most capricious child. The main thing is to choose the appropriate form. 

    So, how many skillets should be in your kitchen? There is no universal answer. It depends on the preferences of a certain family. However, if you want to diversify your cooking experience – try any of the above-mentioned skillets and share your impressions with us!

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