To believe that Rank Tracker does not exist as a keyword rank tool, you’ve never used it. Review SERP positions, see ranking positions for particular places with a keyword ranking tool, and assess each tool’s ranking success.

You can use Google’s tools to analyze a website’s ranking, but you will need a third-party platform to review its ranking history. There is also a free SERP checker tool that is being offered by Zutrix, which is definitely worth trying out.

The Ranking History feature in tools allows you to review every site’s ranking and see how it changed from the previous month (or across many months).

This is a useful tactic for starting a new client, but it is still important to boost SEO on any website. Also, first, you must consider where your customers come from.

Both bloggers and SEO specialists need to keep their Google keyword rating up to date through regular reviews. Bloggers and website operators commit one of the most common errors of omitting keywords when writing and releasing their posts.

Site Ranks

To improve your SEO efforts, you must master the art of handling keywords so that you can determine which keywords will help your site and which will not.

This can help you choose the most powerful keywords, which improves your chances of ranking on Google and other search engines.

It is essential to learn at what level a given keyword is ranked within Google’s search results without spending a great deal of time sifting through hundreds of results and websites.

We have assembled a list of free online tools you can use to locate your desired keyword in Google for your convenience.

Modern Tools to check Google rankings accurately:

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Rank Checker
  • Zutrix SERP checker

Following these steps will help you find ranking keywords for your website or the site of your competitor:

  • Enter your website’s URL into any Keyword Explorer tool.
  • Select the country in which you want to target the audience.
  • By clicking the Analyze button
  • Your search results will show Top Ranking Keywords
  • See more ranking keywords by clicking on the left column.
  • There you’ll see all your site’s keywords, along with the Difficulty and Search Volume.
  • Compare sites in your industry with your own by adding competitors.

Add Ranking Keywords to a Campaign

If you want to see your progress as well as your competitors’ ranking keywords, follow these steps:

  • Select your audience’s location in any Keyword searcher when entering your site.
  • Then click Ranking Keywords. 
  • Check the boxes next to the keywords, or add them all at once by ticking the top checkbox.
  • Click the Add To… on the right
  • Select Campaign from the dropdown and select the Campaign in which the keywords you chose need to be tracked.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Rank Tracker Tools

Out of all the keyword rank checker resources on this list, SEMrush and Zutrix are the top picks for checking keyword locations in Google and Bing searches.

Using is among the most effective strategies to keep an eye on your competitors. The keyword rate checker helps track your rivals’ keyword techniques to see whether they do organic search results. 

The rank checking tools will monitor the keywords for which your competitors are already ranked. Examine their valuable SEO metrics and measure the chances of ranking with specific keywords.