Today’s Digital Asset is Explained Simply

| Updated on October 4, 2023

Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic now and is gaining vast popularity. Today, several cryptocurrencies exist, but the most popular and oldest cryptocurrency remains Bitcoin. Now understanding bitcoin seems to be too harsh for many; however, in simple words, it can be defined as it is a digital currency that is decentralized and is secured by cryptography. The digital currency here means that Bitcoin or, for that matter, any cryptocurrency does not exist in physical form, meaning it is a virtual currency. Today, our market revolves around a physical form of currency called cash; however, cryptocurrencies are based entirely on the internet. When bitcoin originated in 2009, people didn’t think it could become a currency; however, as its popularity continued to grow, it was soon realized that bitcoin could be called the currency of the future. Bitcoins are based on the ledger. Now, the ledger can be understood as a spreadsheet that records all the transactions that took place since the time bitcoin originated. The first transaction using bitcoin was by a guy who bought pizza for 10,000 bitcoins. This data is still intact in the ledger. 

Every transaction that ever took place using bitcoin is present in the ledger and what’s interesting is that absolutely anyone can view all the transactions made using Bitcoin, so it is transparent and traceable. It is also decentralized, which means that no one person or institution controls or exercises authority over Bitcoin. For example, the government is in charge of the currency; however, that is not the case with bitcoins. Bitcoin possesses some very similar features as Gold. Both are limited in supply, and the process of its production is quite a difficult one, and that’s why Bitcoin is often referred to as Digital Gold.

If you wonder how bitcoins are generated, their generation is called mining. For the generation of a bitcoin, a complex mathematical problem has to be solved, and miners get a bitcoin added to their wallets to solve the problem. Mining, however, cannot be done by just anybody. It requires a powerful computer and consumes lots of energy; therefore, mining on an android phone might not be suitable.

Buying and Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin, which also goes by the name BTC is currently at $47,081 and shows a gradual rise. Don’t miss out on riding the ascent of the cryptocurrency market, invest now and start making money in the bitcoin world. You can transfer bitcoin from your wallet to another person’s wallet quickly. The cryptocurrency market is straightforward to understand. When the market goes down, the prices are shown in red. That’s when one should buy or invest and when the prices are in green, that means the market is going up. 

While many invest in bitcoin because of its ability to give back great returns, others see no value in bitcoin. Many people believe that its value only continues to rise because of the speculation that bitcoin is a big deal and its prices will rise in the future; thus, there is no value attached to it. Apart from investment, some big companies such as Microsoft and PayPal accept Bitcoin as a transaction means. The investment philosophy of people differs; some buy bitcoin and plan on holding it for some years, while others aim to sell after a price increase. However, keeping in mind whether you are investing or trading in Bitcoin is that this crypto market is a highly volatile one. The price can rise to its all-time high any day and then drop to its lowest anytime, too, so a significant risk is involved. If you have been thinking of giving cryptocurrency investment a try for a while, then it is advisable to start with a small amount. You will be earning good profits within 2-3 months. However, it all depends on the market. Investing is as essential as earning, and the crypto market has a great potential of giving high returns, so definitely consider investing in it.

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