Signs You Need a Water Softener

There are some signs that you could be having problems with hard water even without knowing. If you find that your skin is constantly itchy and dry, there is a high chance that the issue could be the water; it can also give rise to waterborne diseases. The solution would be to get a water softener. You don’t want the plumbing system to go through a shorter lifespan because of the water. There are some obvious signs that you need a water softener that will be hard to ignore and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Scale Buildup on the Appliances

This is one of the obvious signs that will be hard to ignore. It doesn’t matter how much clean you are, the scale buildup will still be evident when you’re dealing with hard water. The mineral deposits can be found on tea kettles, coffee makers, and other types of appliances. The same minerals can also clog the plumbing so that the passing of water is not effective.

Dry Skin

If you constantly find yourself having dry skin even after numerous attempts of moisturizing, there is a high chance that the problem is with water. Hard water is known to cause itchy and dry skin. Water is supposed to nourish the skin and not dry it up and that is exactly what happens with hard water. The soap doesn’t dissolve completely in water and you’re likely to see patches on the skin if you don’t rinse well. Some might find the residue to be irritating and you’ll constantly be itching because of the hard water. It can get complicated when you have young kids because they have sensitive skin.

It Tastes Salty

If the water tastes salty then it is definitely not for drinking. It might be time you invested in the best water softener system if you intend to use the water in your home. Hard water contains minerals in excess. You could also think about getting a water filtration system if you intend to drink the water. The safety of your family should be a key consideration. If you’re not sure about the composition of the water, you’ll be better off just buying from a trusted source.

Faded Clothes

Hard water will have an effect on clothes over time. You’ll notice that they’ve become gray and faded even for clothes of a different color. There are some things that you could do to reduce the grayness but the ultimate solution would be to look for ways to soften the water.

Stains on the Sink

You could be a cleanliness freak that makes sure that everything is sparkling clean but you still spot stains on the sink and the bathtub. In most instances, it has nothing to do with the thoroughness of the scrubbing but the quality of the water. You can use bleach to remove the mineral deposits but it will get tiring over time. The only long-term solution would be to get a water softener so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time with the cleaning because of the water.

Constant Plumbing Repair

Hard water will not be kind on the plumbing system in your home. If you’re experiencing low water pressure, there could be mineral deposits clogging the pipes. It will reach a point where there will be no other solution but to replace the whole plumbing system. Your washing machine could also be susceptible to the effects of hard water. You’ll find yourself having to call the appliance technician more times than you should because of the water.

High Water Bills

If the pipes are blocked, they will have to work twice as hard for the water to flow. If you start noticing an increase in water bills, it could be time that you start looking for a water softener. You can reach out to the water company and ask them about the type of water that they supply if you’re really not sure.

Getting the Water Softener

After you’ve established that you need a water softener, the next challenge will be to figure out where to get one. You can check out the local store but the internet will come in handy for research and comparison purposes. Make sure that the water softener that you’re getting will meet all the needs in the home. There are different brands in the market each promising the best quality. You should be able to see beyond the marketing hype so that you’re getting the best water softener.