One of the strongest yet delicate relationships is between a wife and a husband. They both share a strong bond but this bond can turn weak if any one of the partners turns disloyal. According to statistics, it has been found that nearly 15% of average men are not the biological father of a child. Several women are found cheating on their husbands and more than half of them are even guilty of it. There can be many reasons why your wife is cheating like if she is not being loved anymore if she feels secure elsewhere if she wants to take an act of revenge or she may even unintentionally indulge in such activity.

Some obvious signs of her cheating may include:

  1. If she has stopped caring for you where earlier she used to care about every detail of your life.
  2. If she is avoiding you too much and spending less time with you.
  3. If she is cheating she will act defensive in order to protect her
  4. If she has lost interest in an intimate relationship, it is obvious that she is unfaithful. 

Some Not So Obvious Signs

There are some signs which do not guarantee you that your wife is cheating on you but if you see any or some of them it’s time for you to be a little more attentive. However, the best way is always to ask her the truth straight away. Well, if this doesn’t work then take the help of the listed signs.

She Guards Her Phone with Her Life

Nowadays everyone is very fond of their phones and do pay a lot of attention to them. But if she is trying to guard her phone more than ever it might be to avoid being questioned for certain texts or calls and this is a sign she is cheating. She might be keeping her phone with her just to make sure you never get a hold of it. As a cheater is seen guarding their phone more often.

Her Social Media Habits have Changed

If she is a person who keeps her daily life posted, you can easily get hold of what’s new in her life. You can keep track of her changing patterns of posts or even the type of content she is sharing to know if she is cheating on you. Checking her new followers and comments can give you an idea of what’s going on, on her social media

She Changed Her Passwords

There are some relationships where both the partners keep a boundary as privacy. If you were in a kind of relationship, where you had no such privacy and you shared everything such as all passwords. It is a sign if she suddenly changes her passcodes and passwords. It might be a case of misunderstanding as she may have done it to protect her phone from others. 

You Find Your Wife has been Lying to You About a Lot of Little Things

You might be catching her for white small lies easily; it can be as small such as she spends 500 bucks or why was she late even when the driver reached her on time. If you are not able to trust her for her small lies, how you will be able to take the big lies. These small lies are sometimes said to hide a bigger truth.

She’s Working Out a Lot More

If she has been working out too much it might be for two reasons. First, she wants to get in shape for herself or she wants to get in shape to please someone. She will be spending more time in the gym might be a sign she is cheating. It probably means that she might be seeing someone over there. Women do love to look good for themselves but they get more motivated to do so if there is someone special whose attention they want to grab.

She Can be Hard to Get a Hold of When She’s Out Running Errands

If she is turning into someone else she will be tuning you out as well. If she was a person who was always hardwired on her phone and suddenly she is not anymore, this is a chance to react on. Wherever possible ask her first the reason for her behaviour.

She’s Going Out a Lot More with Friends You Barely Recognize

People do recognize a need to have a social life separate from their love life. But both the partners have adequate knowledge of who that social circle consists of. Where she has a completely different friend circle of those people you were never even aware of it is a sign she is cheating, means she is seeing a new man.

There are Irregularities in Your Bank Account or Credit Cards

A much easier way to keeping a check on her is also the cards payments. You can know where she has been, what she has done and how much she spent. And tally it with what she tells you. If she is smarter, she will not use your card. Thus, if you feel just irregular in her payment schedule, you must ask her first the reasons and then take further actions.

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To conclude we would say that an opportunity of being heard is to be given before you put any allegation on her. As suggested above, these signs are not 100 percent proof that she is cheating on you. A single sign can be ignored but if these signs are consistent and are bothering you then why wait? Search for the SpyBubblePro app and clear all your doubts. However, if you have come here it means there is a serious need for you to build your relationship strong and trust each other. If she is not cheating on you and still such signs show, you need to pay more attention to your partner.