A good way of expanding your business is by selling your products internationally. However, this is not an assurance of success. Many online entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on their products but forget about shipping.

There is no doubt e-commerce makes online selling easy but shipping plays a crucial role in enhancing the customers’ purchasing decisions. Most customers look at the shipping cost and delivery time before buying items. Thus, if you are looking to boost your business, it is necessary to pay attention to the delivery process when shipping products to customers.

In the past, delivery of products could take up to 10 days. But with the new technology, advanced shipping methods are evolving, making fast deliveries. Also, many eCommerce businesses are popping up. So, customers have lots of choices when purchasing goods online. If you want to improve your delivery services, this product shipping guide will be of great help.

5 shipping tips for online business.

Provide Free Shipping

Offering free shipping is a good way of increasing your sales and revenue. But which are the best ways to cover it without encountering losses?

  • Increase the prices of your products
  • Provide a discount code for free shipping
  • Provide the free shipping option to limited areas
  • Provide free shipping for a few selected items
  • Use flat rates

Using flat rates is an effective way of saving money since you’ll not have to pay for the actual shipment size. Also, the weight of the product does not affect the shipping cost. However, this method is not perfect for all online entrepreneurs. How will you know whether you are the best fit for using a flat rate? If you are selling a variety of products with similar sizes and weight, you can use flat rates and save money.

Provide a Variety of Delivery Option

Ecommerce shipping is the main contributor to cart abandonment. Customers value speed when buying products online. Thus, you need to provide different delivery options for them to choose from. You can offer a 2-day shipping option, overnight night shipping, same-day shipping, or expedited shipping. The shipping options are endless. Remember, the more shipping options you provide, the more you’ll enhance the customers’ buying decision.

Inform Customers About the Expected Delivery Times

Every customer dreams of receiving their products the same day after making purchases. Also, they love making deals with trusted companies. That’s why you need to inform them about the expected delivery times. It is good to update your customers if there are issues that might lead to delays in the delivery. But how will you ensure that you deliver the products on time? Choosing the best planes shipping cargo is a good way of building trust with your clients.

Airfreight company that uses the latest technology will ensure that the goods arrive safely and quickly. Also, consider a company with affordable prices and the best services.

Ensure the Safety of the Products

Many customers complain about their shipments getting damaged or getting lost in the plane because of improper packages. Damaged shipments can negatively affect your business. So, understanding packaging holds importance. You can use pallets for faster loading and unloading, and to provide safety to the goods. Also, you can use insulated pallet covers for temperature-sensitive products. They offer extreme protection against heat damage.


You put a lot of effort into customizing your website, writing emails, and ensuring that your customers get a great experience. But you forget that shipping is a vital process in your business. It is a point where the customer will get the products in person. That’s why many customers focus on the shipping information before making a buying decision.

Apart from this, shipping can add expenses to your business if you use the wrong strategy. These tips will help you win a massive number of customers and increase revenue.