If you are a style maniac, you must have noticed how accessories like watches have evolved from being just a piece for telling the time. They have become full-blown fashion statements.

At the forefront of this trend are celebrities around the world from actors to singers, athletes, socialites, and CEOs. This category of persons not only strives to build their watch collection but also become brand ambassadors. 

Their status as influencers and trendsetters makes their endorsement of any specific watch brand an inspiration people want to follow. Watches speak class and style, which these role models represent. Knowing the watch collection of your favorite celebrity can tell a few things about them. 

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Want to discover which watch matches your stars’ selection and your preference? Hop on and let’s talk about seven of them. 

1. Rolex

Even though this list is in no particular order, Rolex watches remain number one as the most worn timepiece by celebrities. The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, a Rolex watch, is often referred to as the President’s watch because of its popularity among US presidents. The brand makes a bold statement on its owner.  

The Rolex Sea Dweller is another watch from the brand whose variant has been referred to as a reliable companion that is water-resistant to a depth of 10,898.4 meters. 

Celebrities who are proud owners of the Sea-Dweller include British football legend David Beckham who also sports a few other Rolexes, Swiss oceanic engineer Jacques Piccard who’s known for taking an experimental Rolex on a journey to the Mariana Trench (the watch was accurate even at 11,000 meters). 

The list of celebrities who also own Rolex Sea-Dweller watches comprises Sylvester Stallone, Dave Navarro, and Stephen Curry. The golf star Tiger Woods and Charlize Theron have been sighted rocking the iconic timepiece. 

2. Patek Philippe Grand Complications

One of the most expensive brands in the highest watch segment, Patek Philippe watches has been spotted on the wrists of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, the current Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and George Soros, the $8.3 billion hedge fund icon. David Beckham has also been sighted with Patek Philippe’s Grand Complications. 

3. Hublot Big Bang

Remember the eight-time Olympic gold-medallist guy, Usain Bolt? If you’ve been wondering what all-time winner rocks to his medal ceremonies, it’s a Hublot watch. Even Bernard Ecclestone, the former Formula 1 CEO also has his way of styling up with his favorite Hublot watch. 

The company is a young brand, but with an already perfect reputation. Hublot Big Bang watches are produced in limited edition cases occasionally, from yellow gold with color diamonds to white plastic with sapphires. It also has a skeleton dial from which its perfect mechanism is visible in motion. 

Maybe that was why Beyonce gifted her husband, Jay-Z received a $5 million Hublot watch as a birthday present. The watch was too tempting to not be bought. 

4. Watch 

Are you familiar with the Ready To Die album released in ‘94? If yes, then you should know that Notorious B.I.G (the rapper) and his wife, Faith Evans, were the first owners of timepieces from Jacob & Co. Founded in NY City’s Diamond District in 1986, Jacob & Co have a record of creating watches for those who aren’t afraid to stand out.

The Billionaire Watch was designed in 2015 by the company. The piece features a 239 emerald-cut, 3-carat diamond stone. No wonder it has Billionaire in its name. By 2019, a one-time US$18 million model of the watch was made for Floyd Mayweather.

Juventus forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Canadian rapper, Drake have also been spotted wearing watches of the Jacob & Co. brand.

5. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz

Designed with a striking, octagonal shape, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz is becoming quite famous among celebrities. Superstars who have been sighted wearing Audemars include Jay Z, Kylie Jenner, Usher, John Legend, Serena Williams. The Audemars Piguet Royal is made with stainless steel instead of gold or platinum, a rare feature among luxury timepieces.

6. Cartier Ballon Bleu

The Ballon Bleu is a classic watch, having an elegant design with smooth curves and a clean face. Its use by British Royals earned it the title, ‘the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers. Kris Jenner, Kate Middleton, and Sofia Vergara have also been sighted wearing this masterpiece.

7. IWC Portofino

An iconic swiss watch company with elegant and timeless designs, the IWC Portofino is simply a classic addition to your collection. The brand has been worn by Canadian Prime Minister, Zinedine Zidane, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Mara, and others. Its subtle classy look has made it find favor in the eyes of celebrities. 


Not everyone religiously follows their favorite celebrity’s style, but from this post, you can know what kind of watch a star, you admire, wears. Whether you’re drawing your inspiration from them or not, make sure to go for a timepiece that fits your pocket, class, and taste.