How to Generate Higher Local Web Traffic with Limited SEO Budget?

While Melbourne ranks among the top 11 best cities worldwide for start-ups, it is the tech hub of Oz, making it the ideal location to pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations.

According to the World Economic Forum’s survey, capital continues to flow in Melbourne. And, with plenty of physical space available and 65% of the population being in the working-age, all you need is a well-planned budget to set up your firm in the capital city. 

But with online presence being the game-changer for any business, you must focus on financially feasible SEO strategies that can make your enterprise a global leader. Top experts of SEO Melbourne offer services at affordable prices. They can make your website rank on the first page of search engine results when customers search for offerings in your business domain. 

Here’s how they suggest generating higher local web traffic for your venture when you have a limited SEO budget.

Creating High-quality Local Content for Your Business Website

Being the cultural capital, Melbourne encourages small businesses in domains like food, apparel, and art. 

Melbourne SEO experts suggest those looking for offerings in such niches account for 40% of all online searches with local intent. Google ranks those sites with quality local content that can appeal to local consumers.

Leading consultants can help you create geo-specific content for your website, ensuring your products and services reach an extensive customer base. They analyze your competitors’ strengths and focus on target keywords, to organically rank your business higher, thus cutting down advertisement expenses.

Performing Local Keyword Research

As per the latest statistics for SEO in Melbourne, search engines can drive traffic to shopping websites ten times more effectively than alternative social media marketing options.

Considering your offerings, top professionals perform local keyword research to lead potential clients, doing online searches, to your business website. You don’t have to invest in paid searches; using the right combination of local keywords will generate more traffic on your site.

Focussing on Voice Searches

A recent report reveals that around 25% of the Melburnians use voice search on Google, in line with the global trend. For instance, if a local near Federation Square is looking for a restaurant, they will probably do a voice search with the keywords “Restaurants near Federation Square”.

Exploring voice search optimization opportunities is another cost-effective SEO option to bring more local web traffic organically to your site. Qualified professionals work on long-tail keywords that will indeed attract more clients to your online portal.

Working on Local Link-building

As per Melbourne SEO experts, nearly 35% of businesses allocate over $1,000 a month to their link-building efforts. It is yet another limited budget SEO technique to boost and maintain your firm’s position on the search engine result pages.

Consultants audit your existing link-building program and remove those that can negatively impact your brand value. They identify sites with an impressive local market presence and suggest collaborating with them to link back to your enterprise. It ensures the referral traffic adds to your clientele, thus increasing your customer base.

Optimising Your Enterprise Website for Enhanced Mobile Usability

With every 9 out of 10 Aussies owning a smartphone, 30% of mobile searches happen right before visiting a physical store. But locals prefer highly responsive sites, with a maximum cut-off load time of 5 seconds, with every one-second increase in the load time resulting in a 20% drop in conversion.

SEO experts recommend optimizing your website with the proper layout and smooth navigation that best works on mobiles. Once your site becomes mobile compatible, it will increase customer engagement on your online portal, compelling them to invest in your offerings even on the go.

Adding Location Pages

Sellers south of the Yarra River in Melbourne are accustomed to more affluent customers, while the north side of the river is more about a mix of free-spirited shopping cultures.

Though you may have your venture at such thriving locations, your online presence can bring more customers to your physical store.

Top professionals will advise adding a local landing page for each of your service areas, which is again a less-expensive SEO tactic. Multiple landing pages for locations will make your clientele aware of your storefront areas, thus increase your site traffic and customer base visiting your physical outlet.

Engaging A Reputed SEO Expert

Recently the Victorian Premier announced $10k grants for small businesses in Melbourne that had to shut down due to COVID-19.

If you are one such venture looking for ways to revive your business with the available government aid, it is best to consult an experienced SEO agency. Discuss your business goals and the limited budget you can invest in SEO strategies. Rest assured, within your restricted financial capabilities, your firm’s website will have improved traffic, enabling your online footprint to make your business successful.

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