The fascinating and charming beauty of custom diamond paintings is an effective way to grab the most eyeballs. A fitting piece of photo can best add to the elegance of your custom diamond painting. You can’t deny the importance of picking photos for custom diamond painting to formulate a designer-approved diamond painting.

Selecting Photos for Custom Diamond Painting

Are you thinking about how to choose a fantastic picture for the diamond painting? Don’t worry; you are on the right platform. Here you will find some awesome stuff that will help you in fruit-bearing photo selection for a custom diamond painting. Here are some beneficial tips that would help you select great photos for your custom diamond painting by efficiently meeting your desired needs.

Tips for Selecting Photos for Custom Diamond Painting:

Follow these helpful tips when you pick photos for your custom diamond painting.

Simplicity Delivers Better Results:

Simplicity is a worthwhile target while choosing a photo. It is a way of bringing the best and the truth from a subject. With its reasonably minimalist approach, whether in the brushwork or the process, It is a creative process itself. A simple photo is easier and quicker to paint. 

Moreover, you can make your simple painting as complex as you want. But it is a fairly time-consuming process. As less is more, selecting a simple but best photo with excellent care is not an easily attainable task. 

So if you are actively working very simply, there is a certain amount of efficiency with that. Furthermore, by having a simple graphic, you may probably cherish painting diamonds. Also, It will come down to balancing your desired outcomes.

Photo Should Inspire:

Since Diamond Painting Arts are highly influential to psychology and a sense of well-being, it is better to go with graphics that can reassure the sense of hope, peace, comfort, and beauty. Avoid the photos that can produce a sense of chaos, anxiety, and just ugliness. You can never go wrong on choosing among your most precious memories together with your loved ones. From your anniversary photos, family reunion photos, wedding photos to engagement photos, these are the best moments of your life that will never fail to inspire others. 

The picture that you are starting with must evoke a feeling of humility in its viewers and inspire and do better themselves. Also, this thing heavily favors the interest of diamond painting establishments and dealers to evaluate its worth.  

Go with Large and High-Quality Photos:

It is commonly said that growth is exponential, so in the case of selecting photos for diamond paintings. Large size work is best in imposing a worthwhile story on the viewers. It is a powerful thing that transforms a reliable painting experience. A large photo always drop-ships clear and vibrant portray of custom diamond painting. 

Moreover, there should no compromise over quality. A blurry or pixelated image is not a constructive thing to choose for diamond painting. Considering each diamond a pixel, go with a super high-quality image. So, choose a photo with lots of pixels to give it a crystal clear look when printed on canvas in the form of a Custom Diamond Painting.

Be Careful About the Shading and Color of the Original Photo:

Carefully choose warm or cool colors that would advance the eye. Original photos should be flexible enough to allow the artistic use of colors. It is an excellent tool to enchant the viewer. A successful artist understands how to captivate the viewers with mysterious and aspiring use of colors. 

Moreover, it is worth noting that the colors may slightly differ from your original photo and custom diamond painting. For example, the red area of the original photograph will turn white in that particular part of the diamond painting.

Photo Should Be Revelatory:

The photo you choose must have something that can bring effective visual communication between the viewer and the Diamond Painting Kit (Kit Broderie Diamant) itself. A forward-thinking approach is essential to capture a bewildering concept that the rest could benefit from. 

It could either be an experience of beauty, a rarely seen form, or a movement that urges them to their highest callings. It should motivate a sense of gratitude for having being exposed to something that has enriched their understanding of truth, beauty, or goodness.

Canvas Size Matters a Lot:

Apart from photo size, the size of the canvas is also a fundamental key of consideration. In an ideal custom diamond painting, the main subject should cover 70-90% of the frame. If you have one person in your diamond painting, choose canvas of size 30*40 cm+, for a painting of two people, buy 40*50 cm+, for three people fit, find 60*70 cm+ canvas, and so on. 

Larger canvas sizes provide you with more space to cover more detail for diamond painting. In addition, the orientation of canvas is also a foundational thing for getting desired results.

A Few Don’ts About Choosing a Photo for Custom Diamond Painting:

Following tips about don’ts must take into account while making incredible photo selection.

  • Don’t Rush: You don’t need to rush during the selection process. It is a very delicate thing that needs to be done with care and attention. Good things need little extra effort and time to do wonders. Just maintain your pace for creating an exceptional custom diamond painting. As well as accumulate all the diamond painting essentials to enjoy a good start.
  • Don’t Limit Your Possibilities:  Do not limit your design to photos only, Stop considering photos an iceberg as this is just its tip. The design needs to be suitable at the end. It could either be a print text, company logo, or graphics. To sum up, there is a wide range of ways to do Custom Diamond Painting
  • Don’t Go Irregular: An out-of-order photo can spoil the whole beauty of the diamond painting. That’s why you must go with the right kind of photos to paint your unique ideas accordingly and effectively.


Custom Diamond Art is something that everybody admires if created skillfully. Do not hesitate to invest time and mind in making a masterful copy. Be functional in innovating something that penetrates insights and visions that have not yet been seen. It would help best if you had a clear idea about what you will make and the reason behind that particular creation.