• How to Choose a Paddleboarding Instructor?

    | Updated on June 28, 2022

    Paddleboarding is a watersport full of fun and excitement. Though most people view it more like surfing, it is easier and has numerous benefits. Moreover, kids and elderly people can stand on the board in calm water right away.

    Paddleboarding comes with numerous health benefits. Some of the benefits of paddleboarding include reducing stress, working out the entire body, boosting vitamin D levels, helping in burning calories, and many others.

    Even though it is a simple water activity that can be done by both young and old, it can be a hurdle to some people. Hence, you may need to seek the services of a paddleboarding instructor. This does not mean that paddleboarding is a hard watersport that you must hire an instructor.

    You can try it on your own on calm water or be taught by a family member or friend. But engaging a paddleboarding instructor will ensure you gain confidence very fast, learn how to paddle faster, learn how to be safe on the water, and much more.

    A paddleboarding instructor is a qualified and experienced person who teaches new paddlers how to paddle, how to fall on the board, how to prepare for ocean paddling, and much more. This means if you are new to paddleboarding, you may need to engage an instructor.

    However, choosing a paddleboarding instructor is not an easy task. This is because there are many instructors and you need one who will help you become the best in paddleboarding. You need someone who will help you develop good paddling skills, gain confidence while on the paddleboard, and have enough skills to paddle in different environments.

    Things to Check When Choosing a Paddleboarding Instructor

    Check Qualifications and Experience

    A good paddleboarding instructor should be qualified for the job. You do not want someone who is inexperienced to teach you how to become a professional paddler. There are various courses that he or she needs to have undertaken to gain the experience needed.

    Also, a paddleboarding instructor needs to have experience working in a watersport environment, has a first-aid certificate, and other qualifications. You can check the previous customer experience before choosing an instructor.

    Should Have Enough Skills and Knowledge 

    Another important factor you need to check when choosing a paddleboarding instructor is knowledge and skills. You need someone who is fun, engaging, and can provide informative paddleboarding lessons. He or she should also be skilled in safety and water rescue techniques.

    Another important skill that the instructor needs to have is the ability to communicate with kids and other new paddlers. He or she should also be able to maintain a good working relationship. You do not want someone who cannot help you gain the confidence needed in paddleboarding.

    Must be Welcoming and Friendly

    You also need to choose someone welcoming and friendly. This is a person who will make sure you are not scared while paddling and help you boost your self-esteem while on water. This should be before you get started up to the time you are free to paddle on your own.

    He or She Should be Self-Motivated

    Apart from being a job, the paddleboarding instructor should be self-motivated. This is a person who is passionate about the instructor’s job and is energetic while doing it. They are highly motivated and are willing to help you become a pro no matter what.

    Check Feedback Comments

    Checking feedback and comments can help you choose a good paddleboarding instructor. Since you do not want to choose someone unfriendly, previous customers’ comments and feedback can help you get the best. Therefore, go through clients’ feedback to ensure you choose the best paddleboarding instructor.

    Main Responsibilities of a Paddleboarding Instructor

    He or she should teach a beginner the basic rules of paddleboarding. From the safety rules to paddling rules, he should be simple and ready to teach them. 

    Another main role of a paddleboarding instructor is to deliver all paddleboarding instructions to new paddlers. Since the beginners are not familiar with the sport, they need to be taught everything. Teach starters how to get started in paddleboarding to how challenging the activity can be. 

    Another role of Paddleboarding instructors is to assist in the preparation and organization of all paddleboarding activities. They need to teach the new paddlers what they need before getting into the water, how to use safety jackets, how to use paddles, and other activities. They need to prepare the starters on and off the water.

    They also need to ensure the paddler is safe on and off the water. From having the required safety items to paddling correctly and at the right place, safety is their main priority.

    Also, they help in teaching the new paddle how to assemble and dismantle the paddleboard. Also, they can be tasked with the role of helping the paddle choose the right paddle boarding essentials.

    Bottom Line

    A paddleboarding instructor is someone who helps you gains confidence and skills in paddling. Although everyone has different paddling styles, the instructor knows the best way to help you become a professional.  

    With more instructions and knowledge, you can be able to become more well-informed, gain the needed skills, and be able to paddle in calm and wild waters.



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