Important Safety Tips When Working With Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are used to carefully move workers vertically and to different locations. These machines are useful in different industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail, and even entertainment. Unlike aerial lifts, the lifting mechanism of scissor lifts work straight up and down thanks to its crossed beams that functions in a scissor-like fashion. 

However, according to the Bureau of Labor, improper usage of scissor lifts can pose some safety hazards and can cause fatalities. This is why occasional maintenance, inspection, and safety tests should be done as well as doing safety practices.

Why It’s Important to Follow Safety Rules when Operating Scissor Lifts?

It is vital to prevent any scissor lift accidents and lessen the number of fatalities that occur on worksites due to improper usage and not following safety procedures. Scissor Lift Academy offers courses for safely using scissor lifts to keep workers away from harm. Their courses include Fall Protection, Positioning, Stabilization, Maintaining Scissor Lifts, and Proper Training. 

Before a worker operates a scissor lift, their employers should be the one responsible for assessing the area and must identify any hazards that might cause accidents. It is vital to ensure there are no damaged, loose, or faulty parts in the equipment. Also, the surrounding environment should be free of any hazards. 

Fall Protection

Falls are one of the most common causes of accidents involving scissor lifts and large equipment. The scissor lifts must have guardrails to prevent any workers and operators from falling. Moreover, it is essential not to wear any type of lanyards or body harnesses when working on a platform. It is also vital that the workers or operators should stand only on the platform and not on the guardrails.


Another way to avoid collapses and tip-overs is by making sure that the base of the scissor lifts is stable before using. To achieve the stabilization, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety specifications. Also, it is highly recommended to keep away the equipment from high traffic areas and other pieces of equipment in the working area. Avoid unstable grounds, holes, bumps, and drop-off. Avoid using the scissor lifts on high winds conditions and, more importantly, don’t exceed weight and height limits.


Aside from finding a stable spot, it is also essential to place it in a proper area away from possible accidents like electrocution and crushing. The scissor lift must be positioned at least ten feet away from any power lines or moving vehicles. Ensure that the overhead is clear of electrical wires and other objects.

Maintaining Scissor Lifts

To ensure the equipment’s longevity, make sure to always keep it safe in the proper storage area as well as making sure it doesn’t miss any preventive maintenance. Moreover, make sure that work and operators handling the equipment should perform pre-inspection checks before using the scissor lift. It is also vital that the equipment’s safety systems are not bypassed, and the guardrails are always in excellent condition.

Training for Operators

All workers and operators handling the scissor lift also need to undergo proper training before using the equipment on actual work. The reason is that they would not only learn how to operate the equipment properly but also learn all its safety features, safety rules, and proper maintenance. They should be highly familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions if the scissor lifts in a raised position or while traveling. They should be fully aware of the equipment’s weight and height limitations. They should be trained to be aware of the possible hazards in the workplace to avoid accidents, and more importantly, they should know when to report problems that require immediate repairs. Furthermore, workers and operators should also know how to perform a thorough assessment of the workplace and to check for any red flags. 

Scissor Lift Certification

One of the best ways to avoid accidents is to ensure that all workers and operators handling the scissor lift are adequately trained with certification from Scissor Lift Academy. Educating each one of them is the most effective way to ensure safety, avoid injuries, and fatalities, and costly equipment repairs. 

Final Thought and Author Credits

Ensuring safety in the workplace should be the priority when using not just the scissor lift but as well other types of equipment to accidents. Make sure to follow all tips mentioned above before using the scissor lift.

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