Motorbike Safety: 14 Precautionary Measures You Should Remember

Riding your motorbike may be one of the things you do every day, be it for a specific purpose like work, as a hobby, or for sports racing. Every time you ride your motorbike, you must remember that there is always a risk to your safety. Many accidents can occur that may cause injuries and even death. Riding any type of vehicle brings risks, but as it is a necessity for transportation, what we can do is to take precautions.  Here are 16 reminders to help you ensure your safety every day:


Know what type of motorbike best suits your reason for riding.

There are different types of motorbike available for different purposes where the motorbike’s structure and the engine would aid you to maximize it according to your reason for riding. There are specific models for commuting, adventure touring, dual sports, off-road riding, motocross events, long-distance travel, and more. 

Measure your riding ability and find an advisable motorbike for it 

After identifying what type of motorbike you may want to use, your options are narrowed down, and what you need to consider next is your riding ability. There are motorbikes specific for beginners and experts. You may also want to invest in a motorbike that is appropriate to your body features like height and weight, together with your weight-carrying ability.

Invest in the maintenance of your motorbike

Causes of accidents include the malfunction of your motorbike. Your safety may also depend on how well you maintain your motorbike. Tires, tire pressure, and suspension are some of the most important parts of your motorbike that you need to take care of as these directly affect your motorbike’s contact with the road.

Make sure your motorbike is secure before riding

Checking your motorbike every time is something most people tend to pass up. However, this can be one of the greatest mistakes a motorbike rider can make. A pre-ride check helps you assess your motorbike’s performance, foresee whatever problem you may encounter on the road, and prevent it beforehand. You may want to check if your brakes are working, if your tires are straight, if your engine is leaking oil, and more.


Training is key

Learning how to ride a motorbike is not as simple as your friend teaching you the controls and saying it’s just like riding a bicycle. Learn through the motorbike safety foundation (MSF) riding course in your area. This covers more than just the basics. You can learn emergency techniques and other advanced skills through this course. Moreover, it is important to constantly develop your skills as there is more traffic with more powerful bikes but with less attentive drivers on the road.

Keep a mindset where safety is your #1 priority

One thing that keeps riders safe is directing their ride to the goal of being safe. Being constantly vigilant and being at the edge of your seat helps you become more cautious and observant of possible hazards.

Cheat death with a helmet

You don’t need supernatural powers like what superheroes have to escape death, a helmet is all you need. Testimonials from thousands of people having helmets save their lives have made it clear that helmets are the most important gear you need in motorbike riding. Traumatic brain injuries, facial wounds, and death are what you are able to avoid when you wear your helmet.

Invest in your overall gear

Most of the people think wearing overall gear is unnecessary and tedious. What they don’t know is that these gears contribute to their safety. Gloves are necessities to protect the hands from abrasions as hands are what you usually use to counter the impact of a fall. Your jacket and pants can protect you from different skin diseases caused by being exposed too long in the sun. The layers also help in preventing cuts or jabs to go deeper.

Be noticeable

There are three ways to make yourself easily noticeable on the road: your actions, your gear, and your lights. Many riders fall victim to accidents and liable persons claim that they did not see these riders. Simply passing through vehicles, swerving and changing lanes, and even making eye contact makes other drivers or riders aware of your presence. Also, make sure all the lights of your motorbike are working, especially in night time riding. Moreover, with your gear, it is advisable to add reflective inserts and have bright designs and colors in your gear.

Educate yourself with passenger safety tips

This comes handy when you are planning to ride your motorbike with someone. To ensure both your safety, inform your passengers with these reminders and make sure they are complying. This can prevent them from acquiring burns from the pipes of your motorbikes, know how to control their body movements, and avoid any action that may pose a risk. To get more knowledge and a better understanding of motorbike safety, you can go online and download a FREE EBOOK: MOTORCYCLE PREPAREDNESS.

Check out the rider safety organizations for awareness campaigns and helpful tools

Rider safety organizations are great platforms where free materials and events like awareness campaigns are available to educate you further about motorbike knowledge. You can also create connections with other members where you can learn and share experiences, recommendations, and tips with one another.


Follow the rules of the road

Nothing works better than observing the basic traffic rules. The foundation of your motorbike riding safety lies in simply following the dos and don’ts like attending to stoplights, giving enough room for other vehicles, navigating intersections where the need for cautiousness is intensified, and more. Equip yourself with more knowledge on motorcycle safety tips with The Sawaya Law Firm.

Make use of hand signals whenever necessary

When encountering a situation where you may want vehicles behind you to overtake so they may not be inconvenienced due to a problem with your motorbike, hand signals are required. This is only one of the many events where hand signals become helpful. You may want to learn the different hand signals specific for riding, especially when you are leading a group of riders.

Adjust your riding according to your surroundings: the weather and the route

Foreign objects/obstructions, motorbike malfunction, human errors, and other vehicles are not only what causes risks and accidents. Inclement weather and different types of roads are also hazards to your motorbike safety. Wet and slippery roads, high winds, rough roads, and such, other dangerous obstacles you may encounter on the road. It is best to be prepared with equipment and knowledge on riding through different types of weather and roads.

Still if your motorcycle met an accident, you must know what to do after a motorcycle accident.

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