Success is the dream of many but not all get it in business. It takes a lot of time and a lot of struggle to make a way through the business. There is a famous quotation about success that says business success is selling high and buying low. I am a professional investor who has invested in many different fields, and I will share different rules of success in business, profitable success. You can share this with others who wish to make a big success by investment.

Invest for Maximum Total Return

This line means that the return of business investment after calculating all the taxes and inflation. For most successful investors, this is the rational objective and long-term plan. You should always protect and hold the purchasing power of yourself as a businessman.

Save to Invest

Saving is a basic step to invest in anything; unless you have big wealth, you cannot invest in anything. So always save money. Save it to invest and build wealth invest later. Also, try to invest money safely.

Know the Trends

The intelligent investor should always know the market trends and be aware of all the opportunities to make money. If you know what is happening in the market, you can definitely make a larger profit. Having an eye on the highs and lows of the market gives an extra edge to make a big mark as a businessman.

Be Realistic

Always be realistic about the returns. Take all the calculations.  About 9 to 10% per year return from any business is a good return. This is the margin for the returns from ownership investments like stock exchange and real estate. If you have a small business, you can earn high returns and become a multi-millionaire within the span of a few years. But it needs a lot of hard work and insight into your business. Success is never achieved overnight.

Always Think About the Long-Term Plans

Another rule to succeed in any business is thinking about long-term plans. Profit by a small margin will allow you to continue a business. Look at your business from a long-term perspective. You should not invest in businesses that are for less than five years. It would be best if you always look to hold ownership businesses for more than a decade.

Do the Right Things at the Right Times?

Please try to match the proper time frame; doing business investment always goes through the investment risk factors; invest your long-term money in wealth building and ownership investments like the stock market and real estate if you have money to use within the next year, focus on safe investments, like money market funds.

Do Not Forget About Taxes

It would be best if you kept an eye on taxes. It would be best if you took advantage of tax deductive policies. It would be best if you understood all the impact of taxes on your investment. Take decisions that benefit you and keep you away from taxes.  Focus on a bigger picture; you should understand that your overall financial situation fits with what you have in the present situation. 

Always create the best investment strategy before you invest; you should know the risk factors involved.