Role of Discord Custom Status in a Program

You can always select your preset mode in Discord. However, the telecom giant has released an option to customize it for all users for a reason. So, if you missed all the good, do not be afraid. Besides that, find cool and trendy case ideas that will have you covered for a while.  

Discord custom status tells others whether users are online, busy, or AFK. You can change the status of Discords at any time and set your custom status discord. Discord has four standard modes: connected, passive, silent, and hidden. If you feel creative, you can create a custom status that appears just below your name. Maybe you’re excited about releasing a new game, and you might have the next plan that you want to share with your friends. Setting up a custom case is a great way!

What is the Status of the Dispute? What is the Active State?

It is possible to keep Discord custom status constant, but most users update it frequently. Originally, status was used to let everyone know what you are doing. So even Discord has a lot of prefabricated products to choose from. The four options are:

1. Online:

This option notifies everyone that you are using the app and can send a message. A green dot appears next to your username when you select this status.

2. Idol:

If you turn Discord on and off, this case is for you. This tells you that if you do not respond immediately, you may not have used your app or device for a while.

3. Do Not Disturb:

This option also disables desktop notifications. You can receive messages, but you cannot receive alerts. This tells people that you’re busy with something else but that you’ll be back soon!

4. Invisible:

The function of this superpower is what you all need in real life. You can play games, talk to specific people, and review memes. It will be visible offline to everyone else.

Honestly, these features are great, but you can enhance them with discord custom status. Whether you’re updating your profile with your Twitch ID and Streamer ID, letting others know what your busy mind is doing, or adding something fun, this is your way!

How to Set Custom Status on Discord

Follow the steps and know how to change discord status:

1. Log in to the Discord app from the desktop.

2. Click on your avatar.

3. You can select activity status from Online, Inactive, Silent, and Hide from the pop-up window.

4. Enter the full text to update it as a status.

5. You can also add emojis!

Click on the smiley icon next to the text field and choose from the cool types.

1. You can also set the option to delete status in 1 day, 1 hour, 4 hours, 30 minutes, or indefinitely.

2. Once selected, click Save to update the status.

3. This is a way to change the Discord status of your mobile device.

4. Log in to the Discord app from the desktop.

5. Click on your avatar.

6. Select Set Page Statuses.

How to Set Custom Status That Does Not Match Top 5 Status Ideas

1. Here, you can also select an activity status from Online, Inactive, Silent, and Hidden.

2. Tap Select a custom case at the bottom of the list.

3. Enter the full text to update it as a status.

4. You can also add seven emojis! Click on the smiley icon next to the text field and choose from the cool types. Shown by or alone in case.

5. You can also set the option to delete status in 1 day, 1 hour, 4 hours, 30 minutes, or indefinitely.

6. It does not appear on other people’s profiles when offline or incognito.

7. The maximum character limit for a custom letter is about 120 characters, usually one or two lines. Does not include page emojis.

The Best Idea About the Situation of Disagreement

Sometimes good ideas for you run out of creative blocks. Feel free to take inspiration (or a copy) from this list.

Share Your Information

One of the current trends that are likely to remain on Discord for some time is information sharing. You can update your Discord status with your Twitch ID, Player ID, Social Media username, Youtube ID, and more.

Discord has taken market share from services like Skype and Telegram, making it one of the most powerful videos and chat platforms on the web. Originally introduced to gamers, Discord recently changed its focus and changed its slogan to “chat with communities and friends.” Such a broad approach could lead to something more attractive, and Discord has the potential to make it mainstream.

Among these features, Discords Rich Presence has changed from showing your friends the game you’re currently playing to showing the songs you’re listening to.

In conclusion

Discord custom status is very helpful and in demand in the social network. Due to the rise of this software, you can add up to the setup and take different advantages of it. You can also share emoji and gifs, which helps you in business or marketing.

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