Globalization is a topic that is complex and there are many conflicting opinions about it, analyzed by Thomas L. Friedman, with a central argument about the process of “the world becoming flat ”.  The term “flat” here is synonymous with “connection”.  The removal of political barriers and progressing digital revolution are making the world “flat” as there are no more geographic obstacles as before.  This provides different countries with completely new modes of production and business, and geopolitical situations.

Japan, South Korea, and China are currently the three biggest forces in the Asian comic book industry.  Out of Manga, Webtoon Manhwa and Manhua; Japanese Manga stands apart, as the country has always been at the forefront and provides free manga online, hentai, doujin, anime. Also, Korean Webtoon Manhwa Quoc has gained a lot of attention from international readers in recent years. That’s why so many illegal websites like Mangastream got popular.

Globalization and the flat world in addition to mobile technology and broadband have had a strong impact on the global comic industry, including Korea, and the genre of Korean Webtoon Manhwa is currently being broadcasted. It seems to have become a major brand to help the Korean comic industry reach out to the world.  With countless creations such as vertical reading, the ability to store online or pay via coins.  

DISCLAIMERThe information provided here is for informational purpose only; we do not promote the use if illegal ways to read webtoons

Let’s take a look at Free webtoon coins to know which is the best creation of Korea and know about a few special features of the boys love webtoon manhwa comic genre that may still be quite strange to readers.  Comic apps such as Line Webtoon, Lezhin Comics, Toptoon Comics, are famous in Japan and digital Korean comics attracted so many young people.  Webtoons are also becoming popular in the US, due to huge advertising on Youtube, Facebook, Google.

Some readers think that Webtoon is a hybrid between comic books and cartoons.  It is a combination of Web and Cartoon; at first Webtoon were some of the images painted by amateur painters and shared on the Internet.  Some time later, this trend evolved a bit, these images were repurposed to create movement with some sounds to help create a more realistic feeling for the viewers.  Because of these characteristics, while reading a Webtoon comic, readers will feel like they are watching a real cartoon. Check out this website to sell comics online

Webtoon works that appeal to global readers that you can read right now:


Springtime for Blossom, Boss in School, Boys are Boys, Annoying Alice, My Cotton Candy, PAINKILLER, My Aunt, Entrapment, The Heart of Red Cloak, Twice the Love, My Friend’s Dad, Our Twenties, New Life, New Me  , Sea Man, Our Complications, Close as Neighbors, My Stepmom, The Secret Friend, Project Utopia, Wet Women, The Giving Girl, Yuri’s Part Time Job, A Killer Woman, The Unwanted Roommate, Girls’ Only, Secret Neighbors, The Spot  Master, Stupid Love, The Nice Woman, On My Way, Inside the Uniform, Paradise Lost, 15 Minutes, Find Me …

In the Korean Webtoon Manhwa world, many films are successfully adapted from famous webtoon series. Movies like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?  Love Alarm, My Id is gangnam beauty, Cheese in the trap, attracted a lot of viewers in 2019.

We live in a flat world!  In this world, not only countries, big corporations like Marvel Comics, Dc Comics, … but also individuals also need an internet connection to access platforms.  The comic book publishing platform of the world can work together in global supply chains to create greater added value.

Top 10 + best webtoon apps for Android you can download many webtoons and manga.

 1 –

 2 – Toomics Comics

 3 – Manycomic Entertainment

 4 – Tappytoon Comics

 6 – Manytoon Comics

 7 – Net Comics

 8 – Tapas Media

 9 – Comics

 10 –