Retractable screens are cozy and luxurious features to install on your home. They give shade, cover, make your home look modern and soothing, and retractable screens from Go Retractable can protect your patio from the weather. But did you know that they also do wonders to increase the overall value of your home? In this article, we’re looking into what exactly these retractable screens can do for the value of your home. 

Improve Curb Appeal

Most obviously, retractable screens boost a home’s curb appeal. Retractable screens come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, which gives homeowners the flexibility to choose one that fits with the vision of what they want their home to look like. 

In buying and installing a set of screens, owners can make their home look more attractive to those who walk by and when the time comes, potential buyers. After all — how can you resist a hand-picked, retractable screen? 

Even if a particular home costs a modest sum, the addition of one of these screens on the front patio can make the home seem more expensive and higher value than the rest, which can make a listing more popular and help it to sell faster. 

Boost Energy Efficiency

In today’s modern world, technology and energy-using devices are everywhere — including in our homes. Even if a homeowner does their best to use as little energy as possible, there are still a number of unavoidable ways that energy is drained through everyday living.

With retractable screens, summertime energy bills can be reduced, as the screens do wonders to block out the sun’s hot rays. In turn, this keeps the interior of homes cooler and minimizes the need for window AC units and plug-in fans, both of which use a lot of energy.

In fact, there have been clients who reported saving up to $250 during the summer by using retractable screens instead of their AC. Talk about a ton of savings!

Increases Livable Space 

Homes have certain square footage and, as such, cannot be made any bigger without a ton of work and investment. Since adding additions and extra floors is so costly, retractable screens come in to save the day.

Surrounding a porch or veranda with a retractable screen can help improve the livable space that a home can offer its owners. Essentially, they are a tool for expanding living space without spending an arm and a leg. The best part is that they can be removed and rearranged should homeowners feel it necessary. 

Protects Patio Furniture

If you have a patio, you probably know how harmful the scorching summer sun can be to your patio furniture. From sun bleaching to cracks inexpensive upholstery, the sun can do a lot of damage. 

By blocking off your outdoor space with a retractable screen, homeowners can effectively reduce the number of rays that reach the furniture. This helps to keep furniture in better condition for longer so that users can continue using their favorite outdoor chairs summer after summer. 

In addition, this is also helpful when it comes to the people on the patio! Screens help prevent sunburns in those with sensitive skin. They also provide a measure of insect protection.

Year-round Enjoyment

When it starts to get cold and windy during the fall season, it’s tempting for homeowners to stop spending time on their front porch or patio. Homeowners who have screens, however, can continue to use their outdoor space even as temperatures drop, bugs come out, and the skies turn cloudy and grey in preparation for snow.

In moderate areas of the world, this can often mean that homeowners get to enjoy their space all year instead of just for an extra month or two. 

Increased Privacy

One very relevant but often forgotten perk of having retractable screens is that they are awesome tools for giving outdoor spaces a bit of extra privacy. Most screens are easy to see out of from the inside but a bit more difficult to see from the outside, which is important for homeowners who value their privacy and don’t want their neighbors being able to see their every move. 


Retractable screens offer value to homes in more ways than one. From added privacy to bug protection, they have something to offer everyone. When buying a retractable screen, just be sure that it’s one that you like – installation and uninstallation to make a return can be a pretty big hassle.