What is rekeying? To explain this term,  it needs more explanation to understand. Usually, rekey is needed when you want to open your door lock with a different existing key. Homeowner prefers this rekey when he wants to use a single key, and with that, he will open all the door locks in his apartment easily. But for safety, it is essential to know about the Re-keying Process and How to fix it.

Why is the Rekeying Process Necessary?

The experts say that rekeying can improve your home’s security. With one key, how the security can be measured, right? This is a matter of hassle that if you have too many keys, then those can be misplaced, or sometimes can be copied easily. But if you have one key and only you have access to it, then no one can take the key without your permission.

Many homeowners want to be sure that their door lock will have only one key. Rekeying is measured as a safe way to secure your home, and it also gives peace in your mind that no one has access to enter your house in your absence.

How to Fix Re-keying Process?

Call A locksmith

This option is considered an expensive one but also the useful one. Locksmith always asks the charge rate for the service he has given to you and also asks for the additional fee for every lock in your home.

Purchase A Rekey Kit

If you cannot find a local locksmith in your area, then it would be better to purchase a rekey kit and other necessary tools and do it yourself. You can find rekey tools from the hardware stores, and if they don’t have them, they will order your products from the lock manufacturers.

When Should You Need Re-keying?

  1. When your old key is not working, then you can do rekeying
  2. If you moved to a new house but don’t know who has the keys of your door lock and your house owner also has lost the keys
  3. If you have lost the copy of your door locks, then it is better to rekey it; otherwise, someone else may find it
  4. When you want to prevent someone from entering your house, then you can do rekeying
  5. You have many keys for your home, and it is a hassle for you, then you can make a single key to match with other doors

Cost To Rekey A Lock and How Long It Will Take

Usually, rekeying your home lock will cost around $40 to $120 per lock. Or some locksmith may charge you on an hourly basis, $70 per hour. And you may need to give them service fees, which will be around $20 to $30, it is totally up to you.

A locksmith may take about 15-20 minutes in rekeying a single lock. So if you have multiple locks, then they may take a minimum of one hour to fix it. But you need to make sure that you get better service from them. Otherwise, your money and time will be wasted totally. So it is better to visit your local locksmith to get the better service, or you can get help from the store from where you have purchased the key.

Advantages of Re-keying

If you choose to rekey over replacing your door lock, it will cost less and is also an easy way. You only have to change the pins of the locks so that only new locks will work. More than anything, rekeying the door locks is considered the safest for the homeowner, and rekeying provides peace in mind that their key is the only way to open their home door.

Increased Sense of Security

The pins of the door key are changed or rearranged so that you can have only one key with which you can open the door lock. This thing will increase the sense of your lock security.


As you have to change the main components, which are changing the key pins, these key pins are not that much expensive. So rekeying can be considered as cost-effective options for the homeowners.

Quick and Easy

This task is a rapid and easy option for the homeowner, and they will not need that much workforce to do this task.


Rekeying is a great solution, but it depends on you which solution you want to prefer. I would suggest that it takes some time in rekeying for you to find that this service is the best option for your home.