Choosing the best plastic surgeon in Dubai is not a matter of a joke. So, once you’ve found someone, it is vital to utilize that person’s best up to the mark. Going under the knife is not enough for a healthy and beautiful life. It is also essential to follow the instructions given by the doctor. Here we will provide you with 5 tips to get a healthy, beautiful post-surgery life. 

Best 5 Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips

Here are some basic 5 plastic surgery recovery tips. Follow these and enjoy a successful plastic surgery with a long healthy life.  

1. Rely on Your Doctor, Not the Internet

We do understand that you are looking for advice on scar care once you have gone through plastic surgery. At that time, you may tend to search for tips on the internet. It is a temptation. But the real thing is you can not trust the internet more than your doctor. 

Even the most famous and well-reputed online sources can not give you the correct information as your doctor can. Your doctor knows all of your medical histories and will suggest you the best solution for you. 

So, it will be best if you ask your doctor for any kind of suggestion or queries. 

2. Avoid Taking Any Medications, Supplements, or Herbs Without Your Doctor’s Permission

There are a lot of products that are generally safe but can be harmful to you. Just take examples of turmeric, green tea, ibuprofen (Advil), and many more anti-inflammatory everyday substances that can increase the chances of bleeding after the surgery. 

There are also chances for other herbs and medication as they can react with the anesthesia or pain killers. But you do not need to worry about all these things because your surgeon will give you a list of those things you need to avoid. 

So, it is important to follow your surgeon’s protocols.

3. Say No to Vaping and Smoking

Using nicotine and cosmetic surgery is really a dangerous combination. In case you are a smoker, you have to quit smoking for at least four weeks before the surgery as well as after the surgery. 

Even only one slip can be the reason for severe complications. Nicotine slows down the process of recovery and increases the chances of complications. 

It also has the potential to leave a negative impact on your result and health. 

4. Do Not Miss Your Follow Up Visit After the Surgery

Doctors do love seeing their patients, but that is not the reason for the post-operation visits that doctors ask for, in order to ensure that the healing process is as per the expectation and whether your results are settling up or not. 

You also can clear out your doubts and get answers to your questions during these post-surgery visits. Your surgeon also will permit you to start your exercise, dipping into the pool with the bikini body.

So, never miss any of your postoperative visits, no matter what. The surgery is not the ultimatum. 

5. Do Not be a Complete Couch Potato and Take it Easy

Patients have a common misconception of being a couch potato. Surgery does not require complete bed rest. However, gentle movements will help the patient to prevent blood clots, promote good circulation, and also ease the discomfort and stiffness that the patients are having after the operation. 

But nothing is good when it becomes too much. Being restless and impatient is normal. But your body needs time in order to heal. It also can take several weeks after you feel normal. 

So, do not be a complete couch potato either take some small steps and avoid pushing yourself too much.

Final Tip

Your body needs time and proper care for a healing process to be done. Follow the guidelines, as mentioned earlier, to recover well and also have a healthy life. All these tips will help you to go on a long run. Never hesitate to ask for help from others if you need it. But do not trust anyone blindly. Rely on your surgeon.

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