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Get Your Deleted Files Recovered Quickly by Ease Us Data Recovery Wizard

Suppose the files stored on the Windows desktops or laptops are deleted somehow. In that case, it becomes challenging to recover and retrieve the files if we do not have an appropriate data recovery tool or software. Today we have many options available on the net that can recover your old deleted files quickly. These free recovery software are easy to use however not all of them are equally safe as some of them consist of many advertisements and malware that can affect your device’s health. EaseUS data recovery software is an excellent platform for recovering the lost files from windows compatible devices without extra effort. Data that is accidentally deleted on mobile devices or Windows devices can be retrieved quickly using EaseUS – free data recovery software. 

Reasons for File Deletion on Devices

Files stored on the devices can be lost due to many reasons. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Formatted SD cards: – Sometimes, to make extra space on the SD card, we format it. This deletes the files from the SD cards. Many of us think that these files are deleted permanently; however, that is not true. These files can be retrieved if we use the EaseUS Data recovery tool.
  • Partitioning of drives: – Sometimes, we create a partition of drives to utilize space efficiently. This process can cause the deletion of files. Such lost or deleted files can be retrieved using EaseUS data recovery tools.

How to Recover Files Using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

  • Download the EaseUS data recovery tool’s original software from its official website. The software is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems separately.
  • Install the EaseUS data recovery software on the device by clicking the positive responses like next, install, and finish.
  • Launch the EaseUS data recovery wizard, scan the files and check the file that needs to be restored.
  • We can recover files like videos, audios, document files, presentation files, and excel sheets that are deleted on SD cards or windows devices.

Benefits of Using EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

  • Safe and lite software– EaseUS, a Data recovery tool, is safe software. This data recovery software’s file size is only 40 MB, which makes it a lite that occupies less space on any device. There is no risk at all in installing this software on Windows devices.
  • Friendly interface: The software interface is made user-friendly, which makes the data recovery process easy. The scan process is very fast as compared to other data recovery tools.
  • Can recover all types of files:- Using the EaseUS Data recovery wizard, we can document files, graphics files, video files, audio files, emails, other compressed files easily.

EaseUS data recovery software is available in the free trial version or paid version. Free version EaseUS, data recovery wizard, can recover files up to 2GB only; however, there is no recovered data file size on the paid version software. Depending on the amount of data that needs to be recovered, or restored we can choose paid or free version software of the EaseUS data recovery tool.

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