• Top 5 Reasons Why Feedback is Valuable

    | Updated on July 7, 2023

    Feedback has existed for many years even though many people think that it has become part of the newest modern companies. Of course, it is undeniable that feedback today is at the highest level, but people used to give feedback to each other before, just not as well as now.

    That is why today, there are various ways one can give feedback with many different programs. Giving feedback is extremely valuable in any profession, as well as giving software engineer feedback in any software or tech company. 

    But why is it vital? Why is feedback an essential part of running a successful business? We will answer these questions here, with the top 5 reasons why feedback is valuable. So, let’s get into it.

    Feedback Prevents Discouragement

    If there is no feedback in a working environment, many employees may discourage themselves over time because they will not know whether they are respected or whether are headed in the right direction. That is why peer feedback can be precious since it gives motivation and encouragement from one engineer to the other. This reason is the best argument why it is wise to encourage a regular “peer feedback software engineer”. What does this mean? It means that you will create a working environment where employees are stimulated to talk to each other and comment about the ideas and tasks they are performing.

    Of course, it is vital not to forget that this doesn’t mean they should start bossing around each other. It means that engineers should help each other get better by giving both positive and negative feedback about practical things concerning their work. By doing this and allowing them to comment about things that are important for everyday work, you will create great team chemistry, which is crucial in creating a nice workflow. If you guide them to how they can give well-presented feedback, no matter if it is negative or positive, you will have workers who will never be discouraged since they will always have a sense of what they have done in the past and what can be improved in the future. 

    Feedback as a Tool of Learning

    Giving feedback is not only good for the person that is receiving feedback but also for the person that gives it. It is a tool of learning many things for both sides, and that is why it is a tool that always provides a result where something positive will emerge. Of course, you can give negative feedback if needed, but the goal of it is to make something better and motivate someone to be better in their next task. Without learning, there is no progress and no improvement in any profession, especially not in the world of software engineering. 

    That is why it is crucial to make giving feedback a two-way conversation. It is the only way to make progress since you will also learn something and be able to look at the concerning matter from the other person’s point of view. Don’t ever forget that giving feedback is not only about showing someone else what they are doing right or wrong, but also it is a learning tool for both sides in which better ideas can be developed. Therefore, communicate when giving feedback to a person or even a group, make it a two-way conversation, and create an environment where everyone will learn something valuable for themselves, which will improve the company. 

    It Creates Innovation and Change

    If there is one thing that is certain about today’s world, it is that the only way to have continuous progress is through making constant changes and innovating new things all the time. Without it, there is no possible way a company can stay on top or become better at anything. Giving feedback is also valuable for these things, and it definitely brings change and innovation among software engineers and developers. 

    Without it, you will all be stuck in a lousy working environment where there is no change; therefore, when there is no change, there won’t be any innovation. And without innovation, well, we all know how that ends in the development world.

    In essence, by giving feedback and talking a lot about important matters, you will quickly destroy any predicaments, and this action itself will create by default a place where change will be a positive thing for improvement. With that, innovation will come more easily. 

    It Makes a High Performing Environment

    The most valuable thing about giving feedback is the motivation to make the workers better and the company. And you can achieve this if you create a high-performing environment. This type of working environment is not only achieved by giving good salaries, or having nice offices, in fact, in a significant manner is created by providing quality feedback that can be negative or positive. With good feedback, you will make a high-performing environment that can make the company better constantly. 

    Feedback makes great team-building, and great team-building produces excellent team chemistry, which will lead to a high-performing environment that will result in new ideas, and quality results. In today’s world, without continuous high-level performance, there is no chance to stay reliable for an extended period.

    Feedback Brings Happiness, Happiness Bring Growth

    Last but not least, feedback is also suitable for bringing happiness between developers and software engineers, which will motivate them to grow into better workers. When giving feedback for the right reasons, and the employee sees that it is respected, the company pays attention to them, or there are comments about a task they fulfilled, the employee will be happier. And when they are happy, they will grow continuously with the idea of motivation to become better. Yet again, the end result will be as wished, to improve the employees, and thus, the company will improve. Nobody likes to work in a place where there is no feedback, not even without negative feedback, since employees lose motivation over time, and no progress will be made at all. So make your employees happy and allow them to grow into better individuals and better team players. And remember, feedback is not about bossing around; it is about creating a working atmosphere where every worker gets the best out of it and has the opportunity to improve.

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