Every end-user gets irritated at the sight of a website loading very slowly. We live in a very fast-paced world where everything happens at a lightning speed and a person just can’t tolerate a website loading very slow. If you are a business owner and your site is not running at a very good speed there could be a lot of reasons why your website is loading very slow. Some of the common reasons as to why the website loading speed is not that great are listed below. 

Too Much Coding 

If your website contains many lines of code, then it will take a lot of time for the site to load. This is one of the prime reasons why web technologies experts suggest you go for all the latest web framework, web hosting services providers. The high-level object-oriented programming languages must be used to develop your website as the standard of language used in the development is high and the number of lines of code gets significantly reduced. So, it is advised to invest money with a top-notch tech professional to develop your website. 

Using Many Images

It is not advised to use too many images on your site. There are certain image file extensions. That cannot be used extensively in your sight as they take a long time to load. Jpeg is the most preferred image file extension. 

CSS and JavaScript Query Handling 

If there are a lot of flaws and too many codes are provided for the front-end development of your site, then it takes a longer time to load. 

Shared Web Hosting 

When your site is using the server that is used by other websites as well, then it takes a lot of time to load. Also, it’s advised to go for paid web hosting services

Fancy Graphics 

Having a lot of graphical elements on your website seems very flashy, but it comes with its package. The website takes a lot of time to load when the graphical content in the site is very high. You can know more about how fancy elements affect the loading speed of your page in mochahost reviews

Dynamic Scripts Usage 

You can use a lot of dynamic scripts on your site to make it very interactive. But you should keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to load as the data has to be fetched from the server every time a request is made. All the static data can be stored using HTML code itself that doesn’t take a lot of time to load. 

More HTTP Requests

When there are too many files on your site, then separate HTTP requests are to be generated. To fetch every data individually takes a lot of time and the page loads very slowly.

Business owners need to know certain technical details regarding the development and maintenance of the website. It is better to be aware so that you could at least predict what could be the problem is and then proceed with the solution with the help of a technical expert in website development and maintenance. One could find a lot of information on sites like the mochahost review.