How to Read iPhone Text Remotely from a Computer or Phone?

| Updated on December 6, 2023

Do you want to read iMessages from your kid’s iPhone? Do you want to track their location with a cellphone GPS tracker?

There are several ways to view iMessages online on a computer or iPhone, but most of them don’t work for all versions of iOS. 

However, we have just the right monitoring software for you! – KidsGuard for iOS monitoring app. It is a versatile monitoring app that comes to you with amazing monitoring features that are worth exploring. 

So, let’s check it out!

Is There a Way to Read iMessage and Texts Remotely?

The iOS operating system is one of the most widely used on the planet. It has several security measures, making it difficult to spy on or read someone else’s iMessages online without their knowledge. 

That does not, however, imply that it is impossible. With the proper monitoring tool, you can read your kid’s or spouse’s iMessages on your computer without them knowing.

And while there are a lot of monitoring applications out there, finding the perfect software can be hectic as most of them are insecure and crappy. 

That is why we will introduce you to one of the best monitoring software -the KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

How to View iPhone Text Messages Remotely from a Computer or Phone?

KidsGuard Pro iOS has several features which make it stand out among other monitoring apps. Among these are its ability to communicate with the phone silently, which means that the child will never know of its existence. 

Also, it has full monitoring capabilities that include being able to read texts remotely from any web-enabled device and view iMessages online.

View iMessages Remotely in 3 Steps

The KidsGuard Pro iOS is pretty easy to set up, and here is a quick guide that will make the process even much easier for you!

Step 1: Create a KidsGuard Pro Account

First, create a KidsGuard Pro account from the website; simply in a valid email address and a password of your choice, and then choose a suitable plan.

Step 2: Download and Install KidsGuard Pro for iOS

After registration, you need to download KidsGuard Pro for iOS on your computer and then connect the target iOS device with your computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi.


If it’s your first time using KidsGuard Pro for iOS, you need to connect the target iOS device to your computer once. 


Step 3: Start Checking iMessages Remotely

After the installation and connection, you can log in to your KidsGuard Pro account and then view iMessages online as well as other iPhone data without your kids/ spouse knowing on the dashboard.


How Can KidsGuard Pro for iOS Help You?

KidsGuard Pro for iOS comes with a series of monitoring features that make your life easier. For instance, the software gives you full remote control over the device. 

This includes the ability to view the screen in real-time, take screenshots, record videos, block certain apps or websites, and much more! 

Here is a detailed highlight of some of its outstanding features:

Monitor Social Media Apps

KidsGuard Pro for iOS not only allows you to view text messages on your kids’ phones but also their social media apps. You can monitor all sorts of content sent through WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Line, etc. What’s even better is that since you’ll be monitoring it in real-time without them knowing.

Check Call History

You’ll also be able to view the phone’s call history. This will include other people whom they’ve contacted through calls as well as those who have called them. 

KidsGuard Pro for iOS provides detailed call information, including the call number, name, date, call duration, and time. With, these details you can easily protect your kid from suspicious persons.

Track Location

Via KidsGuard Pro for iOS’s tracker feature, you should also be able to view the location of your child’s phone. This will let you know if they are where they say they are or if there is any other place that they’d rather not tell anyone else about. 

Check Phone Media Files

Monitoring your kid’s phones provides you with an idea of who or what they have become. Through KidsGuard Pro for iOS, you can view any photos, videos, and audio files that they’ve saved on their phone. 

This allows you to view media content that your child could possibly be sending or receiving from friends.

Check Web Browsing History

The internet is a huge part of our lives. However, we cannot downplay the fact that it is a chaotic world with violent, misleading, and inappropriate content. 

Luckily, with KidsGuard Pro for iOS, you can closely monitor your kid’s browsing history, and this way, you can keep track of what your kid is doing online.

Access Phone Text Files

If you’ve ever wanted to view your child’s iMessages online, then look no further. KidsGuard Pro for iOS helps you do that by allowing you to read actual text messages sent and received on the phone. This is an excellent way of looking into their secrets without letting them know.

What Makes KidsGuard Pro for iOS the Most Professional?

Ideally, the KidsGuard Pro for iOS is easy to set up, use, intuitive and comes with a variety of profound monitoring features. Also, below are some of the unique abilities that make it a top professional monitoring software.

No Need to Jailbreak

All of the above features are available without you having to jailbreak your child’s phone. This means that there is no need for additional steps on your part. All you have to do is install the software on your computer and connect to the target phone.

Record Data Automatically

When installed on the child’s phone, this software will automatically record all incoming and outgoing text messages. It records the time of each message in addition to how long it took for your child to respond. You can view this information through the software itself or by logging in through a web browser.

No Need to Install App on Target Phone

You don’t have to install any additional apps on your child’s phone. This software is an excellent alternative for parents who are worried about installing an app that their child could potentially delete or transfer to another device. 

Also, KidsGuard Pro for iOS runs in the background and therefore protects your spy cover.

Deleted Data Can be Viewed

The collected data can be viewed even after it has been deleted from your child’s phone. You can also look at all of the collected data that was previously deleted from their phone. 

This includes SMS and iMessages, call logs, browsing history, location history, contact list, and much more.

Protect User’s Privacy & Data

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is 100% virus-free. Also, the user data is encrypted to make sure that no third party can reach your data.

Final Thought

KidsGuard for iOS provides parents with a way to easily monitor their children’s social media accounts, calls, iMessages, phone contents and ultimately keep them safe online. 

If you want an extra layer of protection while giving them more independence, then download KidsGuard Pro for iOS today! You won’t regret it- I promise! Give it a try-you’ll love how easy it is to use.

Chitra Joshi


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