Buying a car is a dream that comes true for most people, and it usually comes with a feeling of fulfillment. It may seem like the easiest thing for most of us, but the process of buying your dream car is not simple at all, especially if you are not familiar with such transactions.

If you are looking to get a car that won’t trouble you afterward, there are some essential questions you should ask before committing. In the excitement of the moment, you may not remember to ask them. So, we usually suggest that you make a checklist.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions you should ask the car seller. 

1. Do You Have the Title?

This should be the first question you ask the car seller or salesperson. Without the car title, you can’t claim ownership of the vehicle.

Car titles are written and structured in different ways, and they vary from state to state. It would help if you did a bit of research and find out how car titles are written in your area — this will make your inspection easier and faster.

Talking about being fast and easy, how would you like a car reg check? Where you can get as much information about the vehicle’s history by simply typing in its plate number!

2. Is the Title Clean?

Yeah, having a car title is one thing, and having a clean title is another. Since you cannot tell the authenticity of a car’s title and registration from just looking at it, you should ask the seller — it’s not awkward; you are only cautious.

Why does a clean car title matter so much?

If by chance, you are caught with fake papers, it won’t be a smooth ride with the authorities. You are sure going to have a tough and long round of talks with the police. 

An “unclean” car title could mean that the car was stolen or was involved in a serious accident — now you see how complicated and messy things can get.

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You will get a report of the vehicle from the records of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), DVLA, and other relevant authorities. If the reports say it’s a go, you can then proceed to make payment.

3. Is the Title in The Seller’s Name?

Not having the seller’s name on the car’s title and registration is something you shouldn’t take for granted. It could spell problems, and you don’t want any of that.

Don’t hesitate to ask why the seller’s name is not on the title. Yes, there are times when a seller sends a representative, but it’s always best to deal with the seller directly. This way, you would be sure you are not getting yourself into any gimmicks.

If you are dealing with a representative, you should take a minute to look up the paper requirements for such transactions in your state.

If it’s going to take too much time, which we are sure it would, you should opt for total car check services. You will get a comprehensive report on the vehicle’s history — from the vehicle’s make, mileage and performance, to odometer readings, police check, and financial check, among others.

4. Is the Vehicle Currently Registered?

Buying an unregistered vehicle will incur more costs. It wouldn’t be wise to invest so much in a car and still deal with registration issues.

It would be best if you didn’t hesitate to ask about the registration status of the vehicle. If the registration is not current, ask why it isn’t. Just so you are not taking the seller’s words to hook, line, and sinker, you should double-check with our car reg check.

You will get a detailed report on the car’s registration history and outstanding finance (including insurance and taxes) if there’s any. If the seller’s reasons check with the reports from our car reg check, you should get a professional mechanic to inspect the vehicle closely for mechanical issues.

If you are satisfied with the seller’s responses to this point, then you can chip in other questions like: “How long have you owned the vehicle” and if you can test drive.

Always Get A Professional to Handle Your Car Reg Check!

Now that you are equipped with this checklist, you can go out there and buy any car with confidence. You can always reach out to us for expert advice and a reliable total car check.