Internet security is a real issue in this decade. All corporations, private users, companies, and small businesses are under a great security threat. Any lapse in security can lead to serious financial repercussions. Hackers, spammers, and identity thieves are finding new ways to hack into your network. Therefore, in order to cope with the challenges and threats they pose, you must consider adopting modern solutions to internet security. Many internet providers have taken security into their own hands. For example, Charter Spectrum provides a free of cost security suite to all the customers with an internet connection.  

Another way of securing your network connection is with the help of a VPN. It simply adds an extra layer of security to your existing network. Many people do not invest in a good VPN. They are unaware of the threat. However, a VPN works wonders to protect your data and prevents all kinds of security breaches. 

How does a VPN Protect You? 

It works on simple principles. A Virtual Private Network or VPN reroutes your data through a secure and private server. As a result, it completely hides your identity. The data is encrypted, and there is no chance that any spammer or hacker can access it. The encryption is end-to-end. Therefore, no one can crack it even with a high level of expertise. It is ideal for large business organizations. 

VPNs are generally of two different types. There are VPNs specially designed for businesses. The others are for regular customers. Business VPNs are installed to protect everyone on the organization’s network. They have a separate, dedicated IP address sometimes. The software controls everything, and the IT experts monitor all the networking from the stations. 


Following are some of the top VPNs in the market: 


Nord is a household name in the world of internet security. It has VPNs for personal and business use, and it has double encryption, which secures your data. Even if someone has your data, he or she will not be able to access it. The data becomes extremely hard to decipher. 

Most importantly, NordVPN has an extra feature called a kill switch. If there is a connection drop, it turns off immediately to protect data loss. 

The best feature of this VPN is the no-log policy. Many VPNs store your data, beating the purpose. With NordVPN, all your data and information are secured without logging. The network has a dedicated server if you get the premium plan. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get this VPN, either. It is budget-friendly. 


This is an ideal VPN for you if your work involves a lot of traveling. You can use the VPN in any region and get access to legal content. The subscription is easily transferred from one device to another. This is a smart VPN, which means that you get an application to control the settings. All your private data and information is secured. There are no strict logs. On top, you have a money-back guarantee. You can claim it within 45 days and even get a refund. You can also enjoy 24/7 support from their customer service in case there is any connection issue. 

Perimeter 81 

Another great VPN to protect your online privacy is Perimeter 81. It is suitable for small businesses. You need to have at least five members to get the service. You cannot have it for personal use. There is a growing trend in the United States, where more and more businesses are investing in cybersecurity. Hackers pose a threat to online security, and your company’s data can be breached. Perimeter 81 fits the equation here. It is fully customizable, and you can tweak certain elements to meet your requirements. Moreover, it runs on a cloud-based system.

Knowing that everyone has different preferences when it comes to computing devices, it works with Chromebook, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Your data is further protected by the addition of two-step authentication. In this pandemic, it is ideal for any business. Perimeter 81 can be installed in the corporate devices, and people can safely work from home. 

The last VPN on our list is the, providing the most reliable and secure device support in its target market. You can use it personally or set it up for your business. You can develop as many connections as you like. This VPN works for all Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac devices. It is easy to set up. You can also filter the network settings to allow individual users to access the network. 

Final Verdict 

This is a one-time investment. Having a VPN can protect your online privacy and save you from any potential attacks, courtesy of hackers and spammers.