Your laptop is precious to you. You can’t handle the idea of it getting damaged beyond repair. Find out what you can do to protect it from damage, inside and out. 

Prepare for Emergency Repairs

If you need your laptop for work or school and can’t live without it for even a few days, you need to be ready to handle repairs/replacements at the drop of a hat. Make sure you know where the closest repair shops are. Find out when your laptop’s warranty expires — this will affect repair costs. You could join an extended warranty program to keep repair costs low, but the payment plan could end up costing you more than any individual laptop fixes.

You’re better off putting together a personal emergency fund for your tech. That way, you could use the savings to handle the urgent tech problem right away. While you’re making this emergency fund, you should consider applying for an online line of credit as a back-up plan. See how you can apply for these personal loans in Indiana to help you manage the emergency expense in a short amount of time. This option could help you get your essential tech fixed so that you can get back to work in a flash.

Protect Your Data Too

It’s not just the laptop that needs protection. It’s the data that’s on it. You don’t want your laptop to crash when you’re in the middle of putting together an important document. All your hard work could be lost. 

So, when you’re working in programs that have the potential to freeze or close unexpectedly, you should use the “automatically save” option. Now you won’t have to start from scratch after the program gets rebooted.

And always, always, always backup your data. With the help of this habit, you won’t lose anything important after an unexpected tech disaster. 

How to Protect Your Laptop from Damage:

Drops and Falls

Get a sturdy laptop case. It will keep your laptop safe whenever you slide it into a backpack or messenger bag. It will cushion it from physical damage if it gets hit or drops from a certain height. 

Scrapes and Scratches

If you hate seeing scuff marks and scratches on your device, you can get a “skin” to protect the surface. Apply a durable screen protector overthe screen. Don’t put your laptop into a bag before putting it inside of a case first. 

Dirt and Debris

Dust and grime can damage your laptop and affect its performance. So, clean your laptop regularly.

But be careful with how you go about cleaning it. The wrong cleaning products could do more harm than good. Look at this simple guide on how to clean your computer safely so that you don’t damage your laptop by accident. 


Liquids and tech don’t mix. Keep your drinks away from your laptop. If you must have one nearby, keep it in a sealed bottle in case you knock it over accidentally. 

You can also get silicone keyboard covers. It will protect your keys and make cleaning up a breeze. 

Internal Damage

If you’re worried about damage from hackers or downloaded malware, then you can follow these tips to keep your laptop safe and running smoothly. 

If your laptop is precious to you, you need to treat it like a precious object. You need to do as much as you can to keep it safe and damage-free.