Pros and Cons of Professional Video Production

Lately, there has been a shift in the video production industry. Video production these days is not so much about having the right equipment but about creativity. In fact, you don’t need much equipment at all. Instead, video production is all about the content, and the value that the content can bring to brands.

 These days, humans are consuming more videos online than ever. To constantly churn out creative, effective content, more brands are investing in their very own in-house video production team. Nevertheless, while it has its advantages, in-house video production also has significant shortcomings. Thus, the question always arises, should you go with an in-house or professional video production company?

 To help you answer this question, we have listed some pros and cons of outsourcing your company’s video production to ease your decision-making.

Advantages of Investing in Professional Video Production

●     Professional video production companies are experts in their field, and they have extensive experience working with a variety of clients.

●     As professional video producers, these are passionate people who love what they do. Thus, you can expect that they will always give their best in executing each project.

●     Pricing can usually be negotiated as it’s based on each client’s specific needs.

●     There will be no additional costs needed for renting equipment, venues, catering, models, transportation, etc. All these will be included by your vendors at the rate agreed upon in the contract.

●     By delegating this task to professionals, you can save up your employee’s time so that they can focus on their actual tasks.

●     You will get top-notch customer service because after all, they want to do a good job so that you come back to use their services.

Disadvantages of Investing in Professional Video Production

●     Having said that, while professional video production companies are specialist video producers, the video content industry these days is all about the type of content as well as the quality of content you put out. It will be a challenge to find someone who wholly understands your brand and meets your requirements.

●     Your team and the video production company are working in a silo. There is minimal communication, and certainly no opportunity to build professional relationships.

●     If you need a video shot immediately, you won’t find someone willing to do an urgent job without additional fees.

As you can see, the pros of investing in professional video production outweigh the cons. Nevertheless, this con is a major one, as, without proper brand representation in the video production, you won’t achieve the desired results. Thus, a hybrid mix consisting of a dedicated producer or production coordinator with your professional video production company guys will achieve maximum results.

 Your dedicated producer understands your brand and is on-site to adapt to whatever changes necessary for maximum effectiveness. They are also on-site to build connections between your brand and the vendor. This teamwork of professionals will maximize returns in the long run, while providing valuable service to the company.