Bring The Vision For Your Music Videos To Light With These Tips

A music video is an innovative idea to promote your brand through social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. 

It would help if you have an idea to implement, a good team, and a thoroughly-devised budget. 

Instead of approaching video creation companies, you can take up this task to yourself. It is not only more convenient but also economical. 

Tips To Create Catchy Music Videos

Before diving into the actual production, you need to plan and consider some essential aspects. 

Here are some tips to guide you on how to make an engaging music video-

1. Deciding the Song

Before accounting for all the technicalities required to render the video, you need to consider some aspects to help you decide your song – 

  • Recycle an old song: If you are finding it difficult to choose the right track to begin your production, pick a popular song from the past, and use it as defining grounds for your music.
  • Start small: It usually takes around 2-10 hours of shooting, editing, and finishing for every minute in a music video. Prolonged periods expose you to the risk project abandonment.
  • Consider copyright costs: If your band decides to produce a video for someone else’s song that doesn’t have a video or a single out, do your paperwork and expand your budget for the copyright claims.

2. Casting and Equipment

You would need a film crew for the distribution of various jobs. You would need to fill the following posts – 

  • Cameraman (One or more people)
  • A person for lighting (One person)
  • Actor(s) (As many as the video demands)
  • Director (One individual)
  • Band members (As per requirement)

You must gather a quick and efficient crew, and learn to cater to their needs as-well that include breaks and providing meals if the shooting goes on throughout the day.

Your crew would probably get their equipment; however, If the task of bringing kits is on you, consider everything according to your pocket.

You can also choose to rent gear to conserve your budget. 

3. Planning the Shoot

While running on a budget for your music video, the last thing you don’t want is a wastage of time. Lack of planning is a serious issue that amateur video creators often encounter.

You also need to build storyboards for every shot. This way, you won’t miss out on anything and provide your crew with the knowledge of precisely what you desire. 

Prepare a list of the equipment and casting required for each shot. Be detailed while constructing your storyboard to establish better communication with your team.

Ensure that your camera and lighting crew are wary of your expectations for each scene. 

4. Filming and Production

On the day of shooting, maintain a record of the shots made to be considered while editing. Take your time to enhance the quality of the shot by adjusting the lighting and background scenes. 

This way, you would have several shots for each scene, each with its distinctive features. You can even decide to deviate a bit from the storyboard and add some extra things to impart an innovative touch to the footage. 

Shoot a scene from various angles to congregate the best ones while editing. Additionally, some candid moments with the set and crew could turn out to be one of the best shots. 

5. Capture Live Footage

You can consider filming the band live to get some fantastic footage. Recording the band at a gig would help you capture the energy and interaction with the audience. 

However, shooting the entire video with live footage requires professionals trained with live filming. Instead, you can capture some live footage and later blend it in with the other footage. 

You must know that you could encounter many challenges while filming live, for instance, the absence of an enthusiastic audience reaction, poor lighting, and unsupervised moves of the band and the audience.

6. Utilizing Stock Footage

You can add charms to your video by adding stock footage that is not necessarily bound by copyright laws. Utilizing footage without the copyright holder’s express permission is non-permissible. 

Royalty-free footage is footage that you can reuse in various settings, without seeking permission or paying a fee to the copyright holder. But you may have to pay a fee to obtain it in the first place. 

More and more footage is being made available under creative commons licenses. The one catch is that you need to credit the source or creator of the original footage. 

7. Editing via a Professional Video Editing Software

These days, you can easily find inexpensive or even free video editing software online to do the job of video editing – 

Most computers and digital devices are potent enough to edit film footage. However, video editing still is a taxing job for your machine, and thus, investing in decent hardware would surely help you go miles.

Highly compressed formats are suitable for online streaming. DVDs are the preferred choice while delivering your footage to the media/press.

You would need to add a creative touch to your video by incorporating some catchy animations and visual effects. Rendering a catchy intro and outro would surely make your viewers sit through the entire video.

InVideo is a video creation platform that helps serve publishers, media companies, and brands to expand audience engagement using the power of video content.

InVideo can act as a free youtube to mp3 converter to help you get old songs from the internet and use it to render your music video.

8. Be Innovative

You might come across many music videos that implement a mainstream format in all their videos, with little to no variations at all. This often renders your content monotonous and less capturing.

Instead, think out-of-the-box. A healthy dosage of originality can make your video reach out to thousands of people irrespective of your budget.

Execute a simple idea effectively instead of a complex notion being executed poorly.

With so many editing software out there but almost every software using its watermark, it’s not uncommon to ask is there any video editor without watermark.

InVideo is a video editing platform that provides this service free of charge.

What To Avoid

1. Don’t Use the Zoom Feature Excessively

In the final edit, you would regret having zoomed in too frequently as it often is interpreted as cliché and overused. You must have unbelievably stable hands to pull this off. 

2. Don’t Overuse Special Effects

A good video is not decided by how many effects you incorporate. Instead, implement a couple of effects to spice up your video without looking too excessive. 

3. Add Sound Effects

A dramatic music video can be enhanced by inputting some additional sound effects. In your intro, you could add sound effects related to your storyline to induce emotional depth in your audience.

Final Words

While shooting a music video is most certainly not an easy task, you surely can achieve the desired results by implementing the tips mentioned above.

You must gather a decent crew, devise your storyboard, and choose your editing software wisely to get optimal results without any hassle.

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