Do many people doubt whether the coffee made by French Press can meet the production standards of perfect coffee? Let’s share it with the rule of “Golden Cup” production. Because the rule of “Golden Cup” coffee making is the official training course of SCAE, it should be regarded as a production rule recognized by the perfect coffee industry. In fact, the rule of “Golden Cup” is to make the coffee concentration between 1.15% and 1.4%, and the extraction rate between 18% and 21%, as long as the coffee produced can be within this range in the middle position, then the coffee produced in this way conforms to the rule of “Golden Cup” production. The following parameters can be adjusted to affect the concentration and extraction rate: 1. Water powder ratio; 2. Grinding fineness; 3. Water temperature; 4. Extraction time and other elements. So Uncle Bean uses the French press pot-making method to illustrate how it is produced following the “Golden Cup” rule.


The ratio of powder to water used in the coffee roasting workshop of Uncle Bean is 1:16. If you like the SCAA standard, you can change it to 1:18. Such a change will reduce the concentration of coffee. That is: if you pour 500ml of water into the French pressure pot, the amount of coffee beans used is 32 grams or 28 grams.


we grind the coffee beans to very coarse sugar particles. The choice of the degree of grinding is because the French press pot takes longer to soak and extract. If the grinding is fine, it will inevitably reduce the soaking and extraction time, otherwise, the coffee powder The solid soluble substances in the soluble matter will be extracted too much, which we call over-extraction.

Soaking and Extraction Time

Uncle Bean Coffee Roasting Workshop recommends 5 minutes.

Fourth, the water temperature, we use 92 degrees Celsius water.

After the above four parameters are fixed, our recommended production method is as follows:

1. Pour the coarsely ground coffee powder into a clean French press pot;

2. Inject water of 92 degrees according to 16 times or 18 times of the weight;

3. Stir once after filling the water to make the coffee powder and water fully fuse, the timing for 5 minutes. During the whole process, the filter net is at the top of the French press, and the filter does not touch the coffee powder;

4. After four minutes, slowly and steadily push the filter from the top of the French press to the end.

French press making coffee is a method of making coffee with only one step more than instant. If you make according to the recommended parameters, the extracted coffee is in line with the principle of perfect coffee golden cup extraction. If the coffee you make is a perfect coffee of origin with a coe85 or more, then the coffee you make in this simple way is A veritable perfect coffee, the whole process is very simple.

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