Precautions to Take While Grilling

Grilled foods are one of the most popular foods served in outdoor events across the globe. Like Snake River Farm hot dogs, there are other fantastic grill foods out there capable of satisfying a person’s meal demand when grilled to perfection. However, there are safety precautions that chefs or anyone grilling is expected to follow to ensure no one gets hurt, and their grilled food turns out amazing. Some of these precautions are:

Grill Outdoor and Far from Structures

Under no circumstances should you decide to bring your grill into your kitchen for use. Charcoals and gas grills were designed for outdoor use only. If you decide to bring them in an enclosed building with people in it, you’re putting their life at risk. NFPA reported that more than one-quarter of home fires caused by outdoor grills started in a courtyard, terrace, or patio. When trying to set a grill under a tree, you should pay attention to overhanging tree branches because they can interrupt your work and cause unwanted accidents. Your grill should be at least ten feet away from your home.

Ensure Your Grill is Stable

The best place to set up your grill so it can’t be tipped over is on a flat surface. You can consider using a grill pad or splatter mat underneath your grill to protect your deck or patio. If your grill is in good condition, you’ll be able to work comfortably with it. If it’s not, you’ll be nervous when working with it. When your grill is stable, the safety of yourself and others around you is guaranteed. With a shaky grill, you might not get the exact kind of barbecue fish or chicken you want.

Clean Your Grill Often 

When grease builds up on your grill, it provides more fuel for a fire, so you have to ensure your grill has been cleaned properly before using it. To clean a grill, all you need is some warm water, grease-cutting dish soap, and a poultice made with white vinegar and baking soda. Besides, an excellent stainless steel cleaner adds a little extra shine to grills that have stainless steel. Once you’re done cleaning your grill, the next thing to do is mop it with a dry cloth. The only reason why cleaning your grill is important is to avoid grease buildup that can cause fire accidents. An unclean grill is not hygienic. Some people might not be encouraged to eat your grill food if they see that your grill is dirty.

Look Out for Gas Leaks

Before setting up a grill, always check out for gas leakage because it’s also one of the major causes of grill fire accidents. You can do this by creating a half liquid dish soap and half water solution, then rub it on the hoses and connections. After that, turn the gas on with the grill lid open. If the soap forms large bubbles, it’s a sign that the hoses probably have holes or the connections are not tight enough. To be sure, you can hire an expert in the field to also help you check it out or buy a new grill gas. You should never put your life or that of your loved ones at risk.

Keep a Spray Bottle of Water and a Fire Extinguisher Close to You

If you experience a mere flare-up when grilling, you can spray the flames with water to calm it instantly, so it’s always advisable to have a spare bottle of water nearby. Water won’t harm your food, so you can be rest assured that dinner won’t be ruined, and your guests won’t be disappointed. Besides, learning how to use a fire extinguisher is essential for everyone who uses the grill. But if an accident occurs and you’re either too nervous to remember how to use it, or you don’t know how to use it at all, just call firefighters immediately. Fiddling with the equipment instead of calling for help will only cause more harm.

Lastly, it would help if you never turned on the gas when your grill lid is closed. This causes the gas to build up inside your grill, and as soon as you light it and open it, a fireball can explode and damage your pretty face. It is also important to note that overloading your grill with fatty meat is wrong. When too much fat drips in flames at once, it has the capacity to cause a large flare-up that can light nearby objects. Everything should be done in moderation.

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