The Most Powerful Talismans in Elden Ring and Where You Can Find Them

| Updated on October 4, 2023

Talismans are an essential component of any character built in Elden Ring, despite their lack of recognition. There are dozens of Talismans hidden throughout the Lands Between for players to discover, and each one of them has the potential to change a player’s statistics in some way, shape, or form. This naturally implies that there are certain talismans that are better suited for certain builds than others. It is recommended that characters who specialize in melee combat use a totally different collection of talismans than those who specialize in magic or ranged combat. On the other hand, as the game progresses and the players eliminate more and more demigods, they will continue to earn additional pouches, which will allow them to equip a greater number of talismans. When this occurs, selecting which Talismans to equip will become somewhat more challenging due to the increased number of options. These Talismans will also come in a wide variety, making it possible for players of any build to find a talisman that suits their playstyle.

Talisman of the Green Turtle

Let’s start off with a Talisman that is extremely underrated and can be used in any build you can think of. The Green Turtle Talisman provides a full eight-point increase to the Stamina Recovery Speed attribute, which may not seem like it would make much of a difference but actually does.

The Soreseal of Radagon

The Soreseal of Radagon is without a doubt one of the most powerful Talismans in the Elden Ring. Due to the fact that it boosts four vital attributes by five points each—Endurance, Dexterity, Vigor, and Strength—it can essentially only be used by characters that specialize in close combat. The players’ damage taken will go up by 15% as a result of this Attribute raise, so players should proceed with caution. The Soreseal is the superior choice, despite the fact that some players may prefer to make use of the Radagon’s Scarseal Talisman. This talisman offers fewer increases to attributes, but the damage it inflicts is only increased by 10%.

The Fort Faroth in Caelid is the location of the Radagon’s Soreseal that can be found there. After that, they can locate the talisman by descending through a hole in the roof and then going down one more level.

Marika’s Soreseal

The difference between Marika’s Soreseal and Radagon’s Soreseal is that the former is designed for use by magic characters. Once more, this provides players with the ability to effectively gain 20 levels in an instant. There is no doubt that Marika’s Soreseal will be beneficial to you. Due to the fact that magic characters typically keep their distance while casting spells and do not get hit very often anyway, the fact that less damage negation is available should not be a major concern.

It is necessary for players to travel all the way to the Haligtree in Consecrated Snowfields in order to acquire Marika’s Soreseal while exploring Elden Ring. There will be a Site of Grace here known as the Prayer Room, and it will be possible for players to find the Talisman hidden behind a door that is obscured by mist and that can only be opened using two Stonesword Keys.

Radagon Icon

In keeping with our concentration on magical beings, we have included the Radagon Icon Talisman on this list. The amount of time it takes to cast spells and incantations can be shortened with the help of this mid-game talisman. Because of this, players are able to cast a spell or an incantation in a shorter amount of time, which means that they can likely cast a greater number of spells overall during a battle. Even though it is not the very best Talisman for magical characters, using it will unquestionably result in a significant and observable improvement. The Academy of Raya Lucaria is where one can find the Icon of Radagon.

Erdtree’s Favor (+1 and +2)

Erdtree’s Favor is yet another Attribute-boosting Talisman, and it is primarily designed for melee characters to make use of its benefits. The Talisman raises the maximum values for both Vigor and Stamina, as well as the maximum load for Equipment. This Talisman is especially helpful for players who want to equip heavier armor or weapons but still want to keep their Heavy Equip Load below the threshold so that they do not have to dodge at a slower rate. The +1 variation will serve players perfectly for the majority of the game; however, once they have defeated Malekith, they should upgrade to the next available version. After taking down Mohg, The Omen, you can search the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds for an item called Erdtree’s Favor +1. In order for players to obtain this Talisman, they will need to either vanquish or outrun three Lesser Ulcerated Spirits.

The first variant of Erdtree’s Favor can also be found in Fringefolk Hero’s Cave, which is located behind the fogged door that is blocked by a Stonesword Key in the starting room of Elden Ring. Players can loot this version of Erdtree’s Favor. In order for players to acquire the Talisman, they must first navigate their way through a maze filled with trollies, then defeat two Grafted Scions in a room located at the very end of the cave.

Graven-Mass Talisman

Graven-Mass is yet another type of Talisman that can only be used by characters with magical abilities. It increases the power of sorcery. When this is equipped, magic users will notice an immediate effect, as the damage done by their spells will be significantly increased. Players can gain access to the interior of the tower by making one of the imps guarding the stairs fight against each other by employing a Bewitching Branch on one of the imps. This will cause the seal that prevents players from entering the tower to be broken.

Although not for the same reasons as the others on this list, the Gold Scarab Talisman is considered to be one of the most desirable items in Elden Ring. This Talisman provides a 20% boost to the amount of Elden Ring runes players receive whenever they eliminate an adversary. To put it simply, players are required to have this Talisman equipped if they do not intend to participate in any high-level combat fights or if they are engaged in rune farming. It will cut down the amount of time needed to earn levels or purchase pieces of gear by a significant amount. This golden talisman can be found in the depths of the cave that has been abandoned in Caelid. Enter the cavern and make your way through the Scarlet Rot to reach the end of the area, where you will find two Cleanrot Knight bosses. You will need to vanquish both of them in order to retrieve the Talisman.

The Talisman of the Dragoncrest Greatshield

This is without a doubt the best defensive Talisman in Elden Ring, if not the best defensive Talisman overall. Because it reduces the amount of physical damage taken by 20%, the Dragoncrest Greatshield is an excellent choice for any player who wants to stay alive for a longer period of time when fighting a boss. If a character feels they are too underleveled for a boss or is getting hit a little bit harder than they would like, they can make use of this Talisman, which can be used by both magic and melee characters. The Dragoncrest Greatshield can be found at Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, which is located near the conclusion of Elden Ring. You’ll find it in a chest that’s located in the large building on the northeastern side of the map. The maximum value of your FP, Stamina, and HP can be increased by the Cerulean, Viridian, and Crimson Amber Medallions, respectively. There are three different iterations of each of these Medallions, which means that players have the option to increase their maximum amount of both FP and HP. If the player chooses the Crimson Amber Medallion as their Starting Keepsake, then they will also start the game with Elden Ring, which is the base version of the medallion.

Players will need to travel to the Lakeside Crystal Cave in Liurnia of the Lakes in order to obtain the starting version of the Cerulean Amber Medallion.

Talismans Shaped Like a Claw and a Curved Sword

Because they are both excellent choices for any melee build, these two Talismans are practically inseparable from one another. The power of jump attacks is increased by the use of the Claw Talisman, while the power of guard counters is increased by the use of the Curved Sword Talisman. A boss that relies on melee attacks, such as the Crucible Knight, can be defeated in its entirety by using a guard counter, which is one of the most effective ways to do so. Once a player has successfully completed a guard counter, they are able to use a power jump attack to deal some completely free and significant damage. Players will need to travel to Stormveil Castle and make their way to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace in order to find the Claw Talisman. From this point, players can leap to the roof and continue along the path until they reach a tower that has a staircase leading to the top.

The Talisman of the Curved Sword can also be found in Stormveil Castle, but it is on one of the lower levels. In the gloomy chamber at the beginning of the castle, players can engage in combat with the Banished Knight. After defeating Margit, players are only able to enter this area if they used the hidden entrance in the back of the building.

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