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    | Updated on September 25, 2023

    We most often think that quality and popularity go hand in hand, which is true since if the quality wasn’t good, it wouldn’t have been popular. The same logic applies to the keyboards we use in typing. From computers to mobiles, and tablets to any digital screen, we cannot escape typing. When we talk about mobile phones, the usage of a typing keyboard increases a lot. Furthermore, we expect much more from our keyboards than we did before. It will be great if our keyboards have good emojis, the option to add sticker packs, and surprise us with much more. 

    If you are bored with your dusty, old keyboards, and looking for something exciting, this list will give you the best options available for Android phones. We will also take regional typing, for now, Hindi typing into consideration because of the growing popularity of regional apps and keyboards. 

    Hindi Keyboard with Hindi Stickers

    The Hindi keyboard apk has been my favorite keyboard for a long time now. Developed by Bharat keyboards, this app is made in India and you can feel it in the features. Attention to detail in this keyboard is highly commendable. To begin with, I can type really fast now. I usually type with both thumbs, and I’m sure most of you do that too. Typing with one thumb using the swipe feature is present and word formation isn’t difficult, unlike other keyboard apps. If you don’t want to type at all, then the Speech to text features works exceedingly well. Just select the output language and speak. The keyboard will identify the words and convert them into sentences.

    Coming back to typing, you don’t have to worry about the size of the keyboard. You can personalize the Hindi keyboard app the way comfortable to you. Size of letters, the overall size of the keyboard, alignment, color, themes, and onboard features, all can be changed through the keyboard’s app. There are many themes to choose from, or you can also put a custom background design/image on your keyboard. 

    Another exciting feature of the keyboard is stickers! You might have been able to access stickers only on chatting apps till now, but here, you get them on the keyboard itself. Use them anywhere with just a click and explode your groups with your bomb stickers. Create avatars, add sticker apps, Pop texts, and Bigger emojis, all these can be sent as stickers, empowering your texting game with an unbeatable arsenal of stickers. Hindi keyboard download will lighten your mobile phones for good.

    Fleksy Free keyboard 

    Fleksy is regarded as one of the fastest keyboards in the world. The pace of the swipe keyboard including multiple languages makes it a favorite amongst many. There is also a gesture-based editing feature to aid in quick typing.   

    The keyboard has millions of GIFs and many sticker packs that can be shared with just a click. Your chats would now be fun and never uninteresting. 

    The Fleksy keyboard is customizable. So, keep your favorite images as keyboard backgrounds, colorful themes, or change the size and dynamics of your keyboard. 

    Mint Keyboard 

    Another Indian company, Bobble AI’s Mint keyboard has been in the headlines for a long time now. Tasked with making default keyboards for Xiaomi phones, it has all elements for a perfect keyboard app. It is fast, interesting, reliable, and exciting to use. 

    With over 30 foreign and regional language options, the keyboard has a speech-to-text feature, instant and accurate transliteration, that is, English will instantly convert to the language of your choosing.  

    When you get any messages, smart replies from the keyboard will save you time from having to type yourself. A healthy user rating proves the popularity of this app, amongst other Android users.

    Bobble Indic keyboard 

    Bobble’s regional language typing solutions are also up to the point. The detailing on word suggestions, sentence completion, and auto-correction shows its powerful and well-trained AI. The setting up of the keyboard is very good and not a hassle. Instructions are given in a user-friendly manner, which makes it simple, especially for elders to set up.

    The Bobble Indic keyboard, just like the ones mentioned above, has a lot of stickers and emojis that make our chats special. The shortcut buttons on the keyboard are a quick way to access different features of the keyboard. 

    If your parents find typing in their regional language slow, this app would definitely help them because of the simple typing methods. 

    GO Keyboard 

    GO Keyboard is one of the most attractive keyboards in the Playstore. The countless themes, colors, and ability to keep desired keyboard backgrounds, make it cool to play around with. The keyboard has hundreds of exclusive emojis which are better than your regular texting app’s emojis. 

    Coming to typing, there are no complaints in that field either. Fast response, excellent visibility, and word corrections, this keyboard minimizes your mistakes. The keyboard even has custom fonts to make your messages creative.  

    Special Mention: Bangla Keyboard

    Every List has a special mention and the one for us is the Bangla keyboard apk. It is the perfect fusion of the historical magnificence of Bengal and the latest technology. How? The deep and subtle Bangla literature, font, combined with ease in typing, auto-correction, and accuracy.  Bengal has always been a source of nationalism through the expression of art in India, which is why it is necessary to bring the best emojis to the keyboard, that will help you convey your messages better. 

    It is needless to say that this keyboard is the best keyboard for Bangla typing on Play Store. If you have friends who are Bengali, giving them the suggestion of downloading the Bangla keyboard will be the best gift you can give them. Expect a return gift from them too.

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