Games Designed to Teach You Coding

The world of online teaching support has expanded into almost every learning arena, allowing people of all ages to learn new skills, improve on their skills and adapt to new trends and ways of doing things. From online teaching books such as e-books to podcasts and YouTube tutorials; online learning has evolved over the years to provide courses and new ways of teaching and learning. Another great way in which online learning has adapted is through a fun and interactive approach to gamification. 

If you are looking to learn some new coding skills, get exposed to the world of coding, or just interested in learning a new skill, then we have put together a site called Game Quarium appropriate for all ages, where you can learn to code at all different skill levels whilst getting some playing time in. 

1. CodeCombat

This web-based game will teach you coding with a variety of languages being exercised such as Python, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript and as you progress through the levels, the coding game gets strong (so to speak). You will be challenged at a beginner level with basic commands from the first level and as you progress through this puzzle-like game; which is suited and aimed towards teachers and students alike, you will be able to exercise your coding skills as it will be required to move onto the next level. It effortlessly teaches whilst allowing you to specify which coding language you would like to learn or improve on. 

2. Ruby Warrior

For those eighties-era lovers, Ruby Warrior is a browser-based game that teaches you Ruby, and you can enjoy this game for free. The eighties style graphics are a unique touch and you can look forward to beginner and intermediate levels which will cater to where your skills currently rank versus where you want to go. With various obstacles to overcome, it is no surprise that to overcome those obstacles built into the game; you will need to harness your coding knowledge or learn some coding along the way to help you get to each level. 

3. Codemonkey

A game built and designed for children but certainly able to be enjoyed by adults. You can learn the programming language of CoffeeScript as you are guided by an instruction button at the bottom of your screen as well as a sidebar to input your commands yourself. A great game for all ages to enjoy and explore the world of coding and with enough experience, gamers/coders can learn how to code their own games in HTML5.

4. CodinGame

This game is jam-packed with a bunch of languages to masters such as PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby. Through this turn-based game, you can enjoy some cool features such as testing your work to check your accuracy and if you are getting the hang of it, you can submit your answers and move onto the next assignment; however one of CodinGame enthusiasts’ favorite thing is the fact that you can play against or with friends and if you really wanted to, enter coding championships held all around the world. 

5. Screeps

For the programmers, there is a large online game, allowing for multi-players to join on in, which teaches you the languages of JavaScript – Screeps. The game aims to be able to control your creeps which will ultimately help you build and protect your territory. To control your creeps as well as the creeps of those you are playing against, you will need to code your creeps by using JavaScript. As this is higher on the levels when it comes to skill rank, this game will require you to have some basic programming and coding knowledge to be able to play. Although this is a paid game, you can definitely test the waters with the free demo and see if it is suited for you. 

6. Untrusted

If you are looking for a browser-based yet adventure game, then Untrusted certainly will do the trick. With a Dr. Eval character which you are in control of guiding through a machine continuum, your objective is to warp and alter his reality as you move through levels and this will test and apply your JavaScripting skills and language. Starting out at the beginner level, you can easily progress through to the intermediate level and see how what you have learned applies to your progress. This game is great for teachers and students and for just about anyone who enjoys and wants to learn JavaScript. 

7. Robocode

If you consider yourself somewhat of a robot-fan, then combining that with learning some new coding skills with Robocode will be a whole lot of fun. Build your robot tank and battle it out with your opposing robot tanks by using coding commands in Java or .NET. Enjoy the real-time and onscreen gaming and challenges and should you find yourself wanting to test your skills, then why not register for some online challenges or competitions where you can put your robot tank and robot coding to work.  

Learning and teaching can be fun as well as entertaining, especially when technology and the modern-tech platforms provided in today’s day and age, offer a wide range of online educational tutorials, games, webinars, classes and so much more. You can expand your skillset in just about anything, in the comfort of your own home – all you need is a good stable internet connection and you are good to code!

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