A wise man once said, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” In this regard, it is essential to make a plan for any venture you wish to undertake. There are best financial planners that offer a solution to fast and accurate financial analysis for your business; be it profit-based or a non-profit organization. 

The soul of any business is financial analysis. It helps a business to plan its expenditure, future endeavors as well as the overall objective. With all key factors of financial analysis considered, your business will prosper. So, what is PlanGuru all about, and how does it help you? Is it an essential platform for your business? 

Hang around and let’s answer these questions together, shall we? 


Background Information

PlanGuru is basically an online platform that helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and accountants with the skills and tools needed for financial results interpretation and development.  Thanks to the automation of financial processes in business and commerce, it is now stress-free to analyze outcomes and make predictions.

It, however, takes time to learn and master working with these tools. That is where PlanGuru comes in; it helps entrepreneurs learn and adopt these modern tools.

Products and Pricing

This platform offers businesses a secure and convenient solution to financial planning and evaluation by automating bookkeeping.  Another thing to mention in the PlanGuru review is that you get free resources and training once you subscribe to these apps. You get to learn how to effectively use them.

These programs offer 24-hour surveillance to your businesses on your behalf. With IT, you can manage your finances at the comfort of your house or office. IT makes businesses and financial management more effective.  To understand PlanGuru better, read into the following 2 main packages that it offers to customers.

  1. PlanGuru App
  2. This software is a cloud-based program that can best be suited for small enterprises and non-profit organizations that budget for a single business. This app is web based, thus storing all its data on the cloud. This means that it can be accessed from anywhere and from any device provided there’s an internet connection. How convenient for business! 

    PlanGuru app offers all the following features to your business, should you opt for it.

    • You can import all Financial & Non-Financial Data of a company in MS Excel.
    • It also offers a 3-Way Forecasting Structure for your business
    • It automatically solves all the Cash Flow Statements.
    • More so, it comes with over 20 Regular Forecasting Techniques.
    • This app also has a Formula Maker to Create a Custom Method.
    • It can offer the Budget and Forecast for up to 10 Years.
    • It also has the Budget Collection Feature.
    • It can also use Non-Financial information for forecasting. 
    • It also has In-App Dashboard & Reporting Tools.
    • You can also Export Reports & Dashboards to PDF, Word, Excel, or even print.

    Although you can try the free version of this app, it would cost you $99 per month or $899 per year to get full access to all the features. 

  3. PlanGuru Desktop
  4. If your business has surpassed the levels of small and medium businesses, you need the PlanGuru desktop software. This has the capability to offer financial management and surveillance to firms that have multi-department links. It is best suited for businesses with more than one branch or department. 

    Unlike the PlanGuru App, this one is a desktop application that can connect different offices. It networks different departments working under the same server. It also offers an unlimited number of setups per company. It also comes with the capability to import more than 5 years of authentic results. Its main features include;

    • You can import spreadsheet for all financial and non-financial data
    • With this software, you can forecast or budget for 10yrs
    • Pre-built 3-Way Forecasting Structure.
    • Cash Flow Statements and balance sheets are solved automatically
    • Comes with over 20 Standard Forecasting Methods.
    • There is also a Formula Builder to Create Custom Methods.
    • It also gives you a chance to Forecast using Non-Financial Data.
    • It comes with a Payroll Utility tool.
    • Group Accounts with Sub-totaling.
    • You also get Notes Payable and Line of Credit Tools.
    • It also consolidates an unlimited number of Projections.
    • It comes with a Breakeven Tool.
    • The software also offers Business Valuation.
    • It also has a PlanGuru Analytics & Excel Add-in Reporting Tool.
    • You can import all the data into word, pdf, or print documents

    Its pricing is similar to the PlanGuru App. The difference is that this desktop application is for bigger businesses with numerous departments, and not for SMEs.


If you are having problems with your financial analysis and management, you should consider going for any of these programs. It is high time we embraced IT in business. Not only does it improve accuracy, but also helps reduce the cost of managing the business. 

Go digital already.