For many of us, a holiday is long overdue. The thought of traveling with a group of friends or family to a relaxing destination seems like a dream come true. Imagine taking long walks on the beach, exploring remote villages, or enjoying the nightlife of a bustling city. 

One thing that connected all of us during the many lockdowns and restrictions we have faced is longing for a break. When international travel begins again everyone will likely want to take a holiday immediately. All major hotels and flights are likely to be fully booked in a very short period. It could be hard to find the right accommodation. These could be filled within hours after restrictions have been lifted. 

Therefore, it makes sense to plan ahead. Especially if you are planning to take a trip with a group of friends, try to search for discounts and savings as early as possible. You may even find affordable accommodation that will allow you to book in advance. Booking in advance may be risky, so make sure you can get a refund in case you are not able to take the trip. 

It probably won’t be possible to book a flight just yet but knowing where you would like to go and how to get there can be helpful. Here are some great holiday destinations that are perfect for a short trip.


Barcelona is a fantastic city that is famous for its fascinating architecture by Antoni Gaudi and some extremely talented soccer players. During a trip to this beautiful destination, you can explore the gorgeous beaches or sit in the shade of a tree in one of the serene parks. Visit the art museums and enjoy some outstanding food in a romantic setting. If you are a football fan, you could visit FC Barcelona’s home stadium, Camp Nou. It’s possible to book a tour and visit areas like the field, the stands, the tunnel, and even a changing room. 

Of course, one of the sites you shouldn’t miss is the Sagrada Família. This famous and spectacular basilica was also designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A flight from London to Barcelona typically only takes about 2 hours. 


Istanbul has a population of more than 15 million people and is the largest city in Turkey. It has a rich history and boasts some outstanding historical sites such as the impressive Byzantine Hagia Sophia. There are large open-air markets and shopping streets which offer cheap shopping such as the Mahmutpasha Bazaar and the spice market Spice Bazaar, the Egyptian Bazaar. 

Since Istanbul is located by the Bosphorus strait, it’s also famous for its seafood, which you can taste in one of the restaurants by the water.


You might also consider planning a holiday here in England. You might visit Bristol’s Harbour Festival, which is a popular event that takes place every year. Recently it has been canceled due to the coronavirus, but it will hopefully resume next year for its 50th-anniversary celebration. Even without the festival taking place, you can still enjoy sitting by the Avon River in the summer months. You could visit some of the sites, such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Cabot Tower or the Wills Memorial Building. There are also art galleries, museums, and shopping to enjoy. 

Planning your next trip can be a lot of fun and help you get through lockdowns and long hours spent at home. It can also help you be prepared when travel restrictions are finally lifted!