Video recording has become a popular thing. There are many video recording tools and software that can help people record good-quality and HD videos. Replay Video Capture is one of the most efficient and suitable software that can make production of video recordings through the hard to record source easier.

One can use this software to record an online video and any other type of video they want to play on the screen. One can save all the parts of the DVD or CD. One can then turn the video into a high-quality video and watch it on any device and any time they want.

The Replay Video Capture is one of the popular programs that you can use if you want to capture anything that plays on your computer screen. This article will let you know why it’s worth getting software.

Why is Replay Video Capture Great for Capturing Videos?

Replay Video Capture is considered to be the only software that can screen capture and allow the users to capture the videos running on the screen through the use of a background mode. One can hide the video and cover it using another window. Even then, the software will resume capturing the video recording. 

This software is unlike many other screen video capturing software. Replay Video Capture software was designed to produce the highest video quality output. One can record around 100 frames each second. If you want to know how it works, try it out yourself.

The software can expertly do a video recording of any video streaming or online videos. It can record any other video playing on the computer screen and give a perfect quality to it. You can watch it and save it for later. Regardless of the format, one will be able to record the video from any website. This technology is also a hundred percent legal worldwide.

Easy Recording of Streaming Videos

It is extremely simple to use Replay Video Capture software. One has to press on the get video button and automatically detect the window of the video on the computer screen. They have to then click record so that the recording process can begin. After the recording is finished, one has to click stop or pause, and the recording will be complete. They can also pause or resume. 

High-Quality Recording

Replay Video Capture software will get you wonderful video quality. It will also get you compact and portable files that will not take a lot of space on your device. One can also run the software through a USB/flash drive if they want to save the videos externally and not on their device. 

The output video quality is very important as you want to enjoy the movies in high definition. This is something that is hard to achieve by the free tools but luckily the replay video capture can do a pretty great job.

Recording of games and background recordings 

For the video game streamers, they can also record their video game and get a good quality video. They can use the saved video for later use. 

The software also has a feature which is called background mode. This feature will allow the users to capture the videos through the computer screen that is running in the background. The recording will not be visible, but it will happen. 

The videos can also be converted through other windows. The recording will not be interrupted during this phase. You can use the computer screen for other tasks while the video is getting recorded in the background. This is one of the best features in the software, which is why so many people prefer to use this software. 


The software comes with automatic features, and this allows the users to be at ease. The software will automatically locate the place of the screen where you are playing the video. One can also choose it manually. In both ways, the work of the user is reduced, making it super convenient to save videos.

With the recorded files, you can transfer it to any portable devices like smartphones and gadgets and enjoy the movie anytime, anywhere! 


The installation of Replay Video Capture is simple. The software can be installed on only the administered account. Each user will have his recording folder as well as the settings folder. The administrator installation process will not have to be operated so that the clients can operate their versions. The administrator account will only be able to uninstall the software. 

You can try the Replay Video Capture for free. There is a free demo available on the official website that will give you access to all the features. You will be able to capture videos of up to two minutes and offer in the demo mode. If you liked it, you can order the software for download and install it permanently. All purchases come with a 30-day money refund guarantee.