Every American citizen needs to pay taxes on time. Non-payment of tax results in penalties. To avoid it, all heavy vehicle users who own commercial vehicles that weigh 55,000 pounds or more and have crossed 5,000 miles in a given tax period must file tax before the form 2290 due date

Typically, the due date for filing HVUT form 2290 is August 31 of every year. The IRS recommends all their taxpayers e-file their returns to avoid form 2290 rejection and ease of filing. For a more convenient process, it will be better to file form 2290 two weeks before the deadline. This will help avoid the risks of getting penalized. 

The IRS charges penalty in two cases given below:

  • Failure to file Form 2290: If a person fails to file form 2290 before the due date, they will get penalized. The IRS charges 4.5% of the unpaid tax in the case of late filing and it might increase to 25% if the person continues to delay the tax submission every month. 

Users can apply for an extension of the time and can state a valid reason for not filing tax on time. The user will receive the IRS watermarked schedule 1 only if they file form 2290 and pay the HVUT tax. 

  • Failure to pay tax: If you file your form 2290 but fail to pay the tax amount before the due date, you will be penalized. The tax is estimated based on the taxable gross weight of the vehicle and its first used month (FUM). 
  • Check gets dishonored: If your check gets dishonored due to insufficient funds in your bank account, you could be penalized. 

Taxpayers need to take all these factors into account before filing the 2290 form and paying the tax. The penalty for late filing of tax starts after august 31 and is charged 4.5% of the total due tax and it keeps on increasing up to 5 months till the person pays the tax.

For example, Charlie is the owner of a vehicle that weighs 60,000 pounds. This means he needs to pay an HVUT. The amount of tax for which he is liable comes out to be $250 that he needs to pay before August 31. If Charlie pays after August 31, he is liable to pay an additional 4.5% of $250 that comes out to be $11.25. Now total tax payable is $261.25. 

Even those who file late also face an additional penalty of 0.5% of the total tax due. So be on the safe side of tax payments and file form 2290 on time. After the payment of this tax only, the person will be provided with the stamped schedule 1 that will act as proof that the person has filed tax on time. 

If you file your form 2290 late or make errors while filing the tax form, you need to file at the earliest and retransmit the return with the correct details. If you are unable to pay your tax or file your 2290 form on time, you must write a letter of extension to the IRS with a valid reason as to why. The only condition to the extension is that it cannot exceed more than 6 months. 

Paying tax on time is the responsibility of every US citizen. No matter how busy you are, you must find enough time to file your form 2290 and pay your HVUT tax. For making the process smooth, choose an IRS-approved e-filing partner to file your tax returns and receive your IRS watermarked schedule 1 instantly.

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