There is no doubt the pandemic has changed things. Gone are the days when you could just go to work without worrying about wearing a face mask or having your hands properly sanitized.

Although we do hope that you had good hygiene practices before the pandemic, Covid-19 has definitely pushed things to a new level.

The pandemic has already created so many challenges, that now going back to work for us is a whole other ball game. Not just because of health issues, but also legal issues that may affect you or the company that you work for.

So Let’s Start with the Basics, Workplace Hygiene

Before the pandemic hit, most of us were practicing basic hygiene. Hopefully anyways . . .

It’s just how most of us in the developed world are raised. 

However, thanks to covid-19, everything has now been taken to the next level. These days, before you even get close to your work, you first have to sanitize your hands on public transportation. Then pass a security check within your office building, and finally, when you arrive at your office after taking a sanitized elevator, you have to sanitize your hands again. 

If you’re carrying accessories, then you want to make sure they are clean or at least wipe down as well. Although it sounds like a great thing (We’d rather be around clean people than dirty), it’s just not something we were used to before but now, we just have to deal with it. For most, this is actually a positive side.

There’s nothing wrong with great hygiene practices, however, making it part of the routine will definitely take time. Plus if you are working and have to walk into a physical office instead of working from home anymore, then these kinds of things can take a toll on you. 

Especially over the long run. One thing that is definitely a challenge for most is the face mask. It just makes it hard to breathe sometimes and can be annoying. However, studies happen to show that a face mask can dramatically reduce your chance of getting anything so that’s the plus side. For now, we suggest you use them regularly.

Legal Issues in the Workforce

Now, this topic has opened a whole new can of worms. Should you be allowed to work from home from now on? Should it be a part-time thing? Should the government pass legislation to control and monitor how to work during the pandemic? As things develop, the laws are being changed left and right.

There is no doubt that more people are working from home today than ever before. In fact, a lot of employers are now offering all kinds of benefits to entice people to work from their actual physical location. 

However, it looks like it’s not going to happen anytime soon. 

After all, would you rather spend more time with your family at home, or commuting for a boss who doesn’t even know if you exist.

Many people have given up high-paying jobs, and have found ways to get by in a very comfortable way. Just by my moving into the smaller, inner, rural areas within their cities. Which works very well within their existing budget.

They’re now closer to nature, don’t have to drive around in the city, and are working from home just fine. Most have reported great health benefits, overall Improvement in their well-being and just being happy most of the time. 

So will people stop going to their respective offices, or continue working from home?

Only time will tell. 

For now, it seems like it’s all wide open and the best advice we can give you is to hang in there, take things day by day, and do your best to keep healthy. 

As nothing lasts forever. 

Even times that may be considered tough.