Whether to a new city or moving just across the street, moving to a new place is always exciting. Don’t get this excitement ruined by the stress of packing, moving, and transporting your goods safely to your new home. Because of lack of experience and manpower, you might injure yourself or damage your goods. Hire a moving professional to help you out and ease your relocation process. To get in touch with and hire trustworthy packers and movers in Delhi, hire through AssureShift a reliable shifting company referral portal. 

If you choose to shift by yourself, then firstly declutter goods and categorize them into the fragile, kitchen, electronics, etc., to determine the packing materials required, and buy sufficient packing supplies to safely pack all your goods. Pack goods according to their packing requirements and label them, to keep track of your goods, prepare a checklist of your goods. 

How To Pack Household Goods?

Fragile Items

  • Items: Antique, Photo Frames, Dinner Set, Showpieces, Glassware, Ceramicware, Light Fixtures, Cup and Saucers,  Fine Art Pieces, etc. 
  • Packing Materials Required: Foam sheet, bubble wrap, filling materials, inflatable airbags, carton boxes, tape, and label
  • How to Pack: To protectively pack your delicate goods do multi-layer packing. Wrap the delicate items in foam sheets and wrap 1-2 layers of bubble wraps. Place them carefully in a cardboard box and fill the extra spaces with inflatable airbags, packing peanuts, or thermocol balls, so they don’t move inside the box and break. Seal the box using strong packing tape and label it as ‘Fragile’ so you know what the box contains and handle it with care.


  • Items: Cot, Cupboard, Sofa, Chairs, Dining Table, Study/Computer Table, Side Tables, Corner Shelves, Teapoy, etc.
  • Packing Materials Required: Suitable disassembly tools, foam edge guard, plastic wrap, moving blankets.
  • How to Pack: To ensure safe moving of your large/bulky furniture, you must first disassemble them using the apt tools, small furniture doesn’t require disassembly. After dismantling, protect the corners of your furniture by placing foam edge guards, then wrap them using plastic wraps and cover them with a moving blanket. 

Note: You should hire packers and movers in Mumbai to perform this task, as you don’t have adequate knowledge or experience. Moreover, they provide insurance coverage, so if any damage happens you can claim compensation.

Electronics and Appliances

  • Items: AC, Geyser, Fridge, Mixer Grinder, Kettle, Washing Machine, Microwave, TV, Dish Washer, Induction, Fan, etc.
  • Packing Materials Required: Carton boxes, packing peanuts, packing tape & labels. 
  • How to Pack: When you purchase any electronic appliance, it comes with a dedicated cardboard box; pack your appliances in those boxes. If you don’t have those boxes, use an appropriate size box. Use foam sheets and bubble wrap to wrap the electronics before packing them, and fill the extra space with packing peanuts or thermocol balls. Seal the box with tape and label them.


  • Items: Jewelry, Documents, Financial Lifesaver, Laptop,  etc.
  • Packing Materials Required: Ziploc bags, backpack/travel bag, files, labels.
  • How to Pack: To avoid losing your valuable jewelry, segregate them into different categories like earrings, chains, rings, necklaces, etc. Pack them in Ziploc bags and make sure to carry them with you. Keep all your important documents, ID proofs, etc., with you in a file and label it. Keep your jewelry, laptop, important documents, wallet, etc., in a backpack.

Essential Items

  • Items: Personal Care, Medicine, Toiletries, Baby Food, Kids Items, Pair of Clothes, Charges, Powerbank, Torch, etc.
  • Packing Materials Required: Ziplock bag, Cosmetic Bag, Backpack/travel bag.
  • How to Pack: Pack all your personal care and toiletries in a cosmetic bag, medicines, and baby food in a ziplock bag. Other things like clothes, chargers, torches, etc., don’t require much packing, so grab your stuff and pack them in a travel bag/backpack.

Kitchen Items

  • Items: Stove, Cylinder, Steel Containers, Crockeries, Plates, Glasses, Cutlery, Knife, Ladles, Vessels, etc. 
  • Packing Materials Required: Carton boxes, carry bag, 
  • How to Pack: Steel vessels and containers are sturdy, and they don’t require much packing. Pack your small kitchen items (cutlery, knife, ladles, etc.) in big steel kitchen containers and put them into a robust carton box that can handle the weight. Disconnect the gas stove from the cylinder and pack the burners and stove stand in a carry bag. 

Regular Items

  • Items: Clothes, Footwear, Accessories, Books, Bed Sheets, Curtains, etc.  
  • Packing Materials Required: Carton boxes, suitcases, large carry bags, kit bags.
  • How to Pack: Regular household items like clothing, bedding, footwear, etc., don’t require careful packing. You can pack them in your kit bags, suitcase, etc., available with you, or use a carton box/large carry bags.


Finally, you are shifting to your dream home. Don’t overload yourself with packing moving tasks, it will ruin your excitement of relocation and also there is so much risk involved when you are moving by yourself. Hire packers and movers as they will quickly complete your home shifting task, without any damage to your goods/property by taking full responsibility for your move. To get in touch with the best movers and packers hire them via a trusted moving company referral portal like AssureShift.