If you have undergone urostomy, ileostomy or colostomy, you will have to get ostomy belts by Stealth Belt. Still, it will depend on the circumstance and the individual. An ostomy pouch is crucial if the ostomy bag keeps leaking or your abdomen can’t handle it. In other situations, the belt will be used to make you feel comfortable and safe. 

Also, it  will be helpful if you are always involved in intense activities or sleeping. Even though it is a bonus, you should seriously consider using one. But if you’re seeking to buy a urostomy belt or other forms of belts, you need to do your research, find out where to get one, advantages and how to maintain it.

Things to Know Before Purchasing An Ostomy Belt

You need to make sure the ostomy belt will make you feel comfortable before purchasing one. If you decide quickly, it can be challenging, especially if you think about the several types available. Here are the essential aspects you need to know before you buy a belt. 

  • It has unique material that will make breathing easy. It will let the sweat from the body to quickly evaporate. Not only will you wear it longer, but your skin will become soft. 
  • Most ostomy belts will be available in different sizes. You will find medium, small and large sizes. You should pick one that offers comfort. If you have to test the size, you can do it. It will allow you to find the belt that suits you. By checking a couple of samples, you will ensure the abdomen is not strained. You can use your fingers to make sure the belt is comfortable.
  • Make sure you buy a flexible belt. Elasticity will let the bolt fit on your abdomen. You can also adjust it once it is full.
  • You should make sure the belt has the central holes that will allow the bag to fit well on your body.
  • An isolated belt will be perfect when you wear different types of attire. You will find it easy to move around without worrying if someone will see the bag. 
  • The belt should have holes placed strategically at the center, right and left side. 

Why You Need An Ostomy Belt

Several belts will ensure that they have numerous advantages. You will not be uncomfortable as you go on with your typical daily tasks. It will make it easy for you to cope as well as stay healthy. Here are the benefits of using one:

  • It will keep the ostomy pouch fitted and safe from interfering with your body. Also, it will keep the bag secure and not close to the stoma. Your body will be safe. 
  • It will not be visible and will let the individual continue living life as well as keep him or her healthy. You will relish dancing, running, or jumping. 
  • It will decrease the chances of waste leaving the bag. So, the clothes will remain clean without foul odor. You will be comfortable. 
  • It will make the skin less itchy and decrease the possibility of mold growth near the stoma.
  • It  will stop noise from the colostomy bag.
  • It will make the best out of the waste stored in the container. You will be comfortable.

How to Maintain an Ostomy Belt

A urostomy belt will get worn out after using it for some time, just like other products. Still, you have the chance to improve its strength if you maintain it correctly. Here are methods you need to use to keep its fantastic condition:

  • It would be best if you use your hands to clean the belt and hang it. Don’t choose dry cleaning. 
  • Don’t make the mistake of using detergents. Instead, use soap and water to clean the belt.
  • It would be best if you always replaced the ostomy belt four times a year. It will become less flexible after some time, and hence it will not perform its function.  
  • It would be best if you always had an extra strap. The belt will be for emergencies if you don’t have another one.
  • It would be best if you never use dryers when dealing with these belts. It drastically makes the belt lose its flexibility.

Understandably, most people view the colostomy surgery as a frightening procedure. Yet, you will get to live healthily if the operation is successful. It won’t matter if it is a urostomy, ileostomy, or colostomy; the ostomy belt will improve the individual’s life. It will ensure you’re comfortable.